22/03/2020 6:40 PM IST | Updated 23/03/2020 1:54 PM IST

Coronavirus Tips: 39 Articles That Answer All Your COVID-19 Questions

This list contains pieces that have everything from tips for spotting coronavirus symptoms to staying sane while stuck at home to disinfecting your jewellery and more.

Delhi, Mumbai and a total of 80 Indian cities have gone into lockdown till 31 March to limit the fast-spreading coronavirus epidemic in the country, where 341 people have so far been found to have contracted the disease and seven people have died. From spotting symptoms to disinfecting your phone to watch lists to hobbies to help you stay sane during self-isolation – here are 39 articles from all over the world to give you coronavirus tips. 

According to Reuters, health experts said India’s cases have been growing at a rate seen during the early stages of the outbreak in other countries, which subsequently reported exponential increases in infections.

Here’s a handy list of things you need to know about Covid-19, and things you can do while you self isolate at home:

On Coronavirus

Coronavirus: Symptoms, Prevention, Helplines

The Most Common Coronavirus Concerns, Answered By Doctors

Can Coronavirus Be Transmitted Through Food? Here’s What You Should Know.

How To Clean Your Phone To Stop Spreading Germs During The Coronavirus Outbreak

How Long Can Coronavirus Live On Surfaces, And Does Disinfecting Work?

Can Coronavirus Spread To Pets? What Cat And Dog Owners Should Know

How To Open And Clean Delivery Packages During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Jewellery And Coronavirus: What To Know About Washing And Safety

Social Distancing: Places And Events To Avoid Because Of Coronavirus

What Therapists Tell Patients Who Are Anxious About Coronavirus

How To Support An Older Friend Or Relative During Coronavirus Social-Distancing

‘Love In The Time Of Coronavirus’: Dating Apps Advising Caution Due To COVID-19

What To Do If Your Family Or Friends Aren’t Taking Coronavirus Seriously


Things you can do while staying home: 

Self-Isolating For Coronavirus? Here’s How To Stay Sane

What you can watch: 

5 Movies And Shows If All You Can Think About Is Coronavirus

7 Shows/Movies To Watch If You Need A Break From Coronavirus Updates

5 Series That Will Get You Hooked To Anime

6 Best Hindi Films Of 2019

15 Best Malayalam Films To Stream On Netflix, Amazon & Hotstar

10 Best Tamil Films To Watch On Hotstar, Amazon Prime & Netflix

5 Films/TV Shows To Watch On Netflix, Amazon, Hotstar This Weekend

7 Underrated Netflix Original Series From 2019

10 Great Netflix Originals From 2019 You’ve Forgotten About

5 Horror Films To Terrify Yourself

5 Netflix Series And Movies To Watch If You’re Sick Of Old Romcoms

5 Korean Thrillers That You Can Stream On Netflix

Cheeky Little Pet TikToks That Will Help You Fur-get About Social Isolation


What you can read:

A Coronavirus Reading List: The Best Articles To Help You Stay Informed

The 15 Most Enjoyable Books From 2019 You Should Read

The 12 Best Translated Books Of 2019

The 10 Best Graphic Novels Of 2019

10 Non-Fiction Books You’ll Love

Struggling To Finish A Book? This List May Help

8 Books To Help Your Kid Learn About Climate Change

10 Books For Toddlers That Celebrate Gender And Ethnic Diversity

10 Books About Love And Life For LGBTQ Teens

15 Books All Couples Should Read, According To Marriage Therapists

A List Of Books That Question The Very Nature Of Freedom


5 Things To Do During Self-Isolation That Are Not Staring At A Screen