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Indrani Killed Sheena To Make Sure Other Daughter Vidhie Inherits Peter's Property, Hints CBI Chargesheet

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MUMBAI, INDIA - APRIL 18: Indrani Mukerjea, Founder & CEO, INX Media Pvt. Ltd. and Chairperson, INX News Pvt. Ltd. poses for a profile shoot on April 18, 2008 in Mumbai, India. (Photo by Madhu Kapparath/Mint via Getty Images)

The chargesheet that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has filed in the Sheena Bora murder case says that one of the motives behind the murder could be Indrani's disapproval of the relationship between Sheena and Peter Mukerjea's son Rahul. Financial issues were also instrumental in prompting Indrani to murder her own daughter, the chargesheet says.

According to reports, Indrani had insisted Sheena end her relationship with Rahul. However, Sheena refused to do so, irking Indrani in the process.

A Times Of India report states, that the 4,300 pages-long chargesheet also mentions that one of the reasons Indrani decided to eliminate Sheena was her concern for her other daughter's Vidhie's inheritance. Her daughter Vidhie, with ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna, would have ideally inherited a chunk of Peter Mukejea's property. However, with Sheena marrying his son Peter, there were chances that a share of Peter's property went to them.

Indrani's husband Peter Mukerjea, founder of the NewsX television channel and group was arrested on Thursday on charges of murder and criminal conspiracy. The CBI said that while they had earlier booked Peter Mukherjea under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), he has now been additionally charged under Sections 302 and 364, and would be prosecuted accordingly. It said that four serious charges have been levelled against him.

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As Times Of India reported, the CBI has been probing several long conversations over the phone between Peter and Indrani before, during and after the murder of Sheena. Peter is also accused of removing Sheena's phone and ATM card from her purse to destroy evidence.

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The CBI wanted 14-day custody of Peter Mukerjea but was allowed to keep him in custody for just 3 days. According to Times Of India, CBI lawyer Bharat Badami said the ASG would argue the remand plea.

"We have records of his (Peter's) phone calls. When she was killed and body was disposed of. The phone calls lasted 22 minutes and more. Calls were made both day and night," additional solicitor general Anil Singh who appeared for CBI, said.

"Durng interrogation he admitted that he had said he had spoken to Sheena over the phone after she was killed by Indrani. In this way he hatched the criminal conspiracy with Indrani," said the CBI remand plea.

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Describing the plot and the purpose behind the murder, the CBI said in its chargesheet, "Indrani Mukerjea had entered into a criminal conspiracy with the co-accused namely Sanjeev Khanna, Shyamwar Pintu Rai for abduction and killing of Sheena Bora and Mekhail Bora. In pursuance of the said criminal conspiracy, Indrani along with Shyamwar and Sanjeev abducted Sheena on 24/4/2012 along with the co-accused persons and killed her in a car by administering sedatives and strangulating her and thereafter disposed her body on 25/04/2012 at Gagode Khind, Khapoli-Pen Road, Raigad by burning it. Indrani also attempted to kill Mekhail."

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In 2004, Indrani had purchased a flat for Sheena in Delhi through a gift deed but she later terminated the deed after learning about Sheena's affair with Rahul. Sheena then allegedly started blackmailing Indrani, threatening to expose her before her social circuit as she had a birth certificate which proved that Indrani was her mother and not sister. Sheena demanded a three bedroom flat in Mumbai from Indrani.

Reports suggest, Rahul met Sheena at Peter's house and their friendship grew into love. In 2008, Sheena told Rahul that she was in fact Indrani's daughter.

When Sheena fell ill in Delhi, Indrani called her daughter's former boyfriend, Kaustubh Saikia, and asked him to take her to Bangalore.

Rahul came to know of this and visited her in Bangalore and found that the medicines given by Indrani to Sheena were sedatives meant for mental illness, according to the CBI chargesheet.

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According to Times of India, Sheena sent an upset email to her mother trying to make peace with her, "You should have either not given birth to me or not left me with your parents. Why didn't you take me with you? What and where have all this left me now?? All of this has left me really hurt and devastated once again. I am very happy and safe with Rahul...Shouldn't that be the most important thing for parents..I am your daughter I have some of you in me..I will find my way through life and be just fine."

Indrani allegedly gave a 'positive response' to this email so that she could lure Sheena into a trap and then kill her. In the first week of April 2012, she invited Sheena to dinner. Rahul dropped Sheena off to her mother's car in Mumbai. Indrani plied her with drinks laced with sedatives and Sheena began feeling drowsy after which Indrani, Khanna, Rai and Sheena drove towards Pali Hill in Bandra. It was there that the driver held her down, Khanna pulled her head back by clutching her hair as Indrani strangled her.

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