19/07/2016 2:03 PM IST | Updated 19/07/2016 2:09 PM IST

How To Use WhatsApp's Cool New Secret Font

WhatsApp has a hidden font style in their app. The font is named FixedSys.


WhatsApp has rolled out a new type of font which was earlier spotted in the beta versions of the app. This new font called FixedSys is similar to what Microsoft uses in many of their Windows applications such as Notepad.

To write in this new font you have to use the ` symbol three times before and after the word. For instance, if you want to write India in the new FixedSys style you have to write ```India``` in your WhatsApp messenger.


This change was earlier rolled out in Android Beta version v2.16.179. Even some of the users of the iOS beta version reported that they can use the font. We have tested the font in the stable version v2.16.133 and it is working. So mostly this is a server level change the messenger has been rolling out.

WhatsApp recently released a feature where people can quote someone's message and reply to it. This feature is very handy when you're in a WhatsApp group with many members in it. It was also reported that WhatsApp is soon going to support GIFs in the iOS version of the app.

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The Facebook-owned messenger has achieved many milestones this year. In February, it crossed the mark of 1 billion active users. Recently, CEO Jan Koum said that the app is now handling 100 million voice calls per day. This has also triggered the rumor of long-awaited feature of video calling.

One of the biggest changes WhatsApp has made this year is to roll out the feature of end-to-end encryption on all the chats and calls. This irked some of the authorities all around the world but in the tech community, this feature was applauded loudly. Its parent company Facebook has also started to test the encryption feature in the messenger.