29/06/2015 6:16 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

All India Bakchod's New Video, 'Man's Best Friend', Seems Kinda Familiar


After giving us an understanding of how Indian weddings work, comedy collective All India Bakchod is back, this time casting light on a different kind of relationship.

In the new video, AIB tells you who a guy’s best friend is. And no, it's not his dog.

This friend always wakes up before him, influences a lot of his decisions, and never leaves the guy alone. But the best friend is equally demanding. The guy needs to shower him with love and play with him, even when he is on a deadline to finish a project.

And if this friend is not given enough attention, a guy has to apparently go to a doctor, because he now faces a terrible problem in life: "Mogambo khush nahi hua," "Rahul Gandhi has gone on a holiday" and "Sensex isn't going up".

If you haven't understood the clichéd metaphors yet, give the video a watch:

The first thing that the video reminded us of was American stand-up comedian/country musician Rodney Scott Carrington's famous 1998 song titled 'Dear Penis', where he pens a letter of complaint to, well, his organ.

"Dear penis, I don't think I like you anymore

You used to watch me shave, now all you do is stare at the floor

Ohhhh dear penis, I don't like you anymore

Used to be you and me, a paper towel and a dirty magazine

Thats all we needed to get by

Now it seems things have changed, I think that you're the one to blame."

Watch the video below.

Content-wise, 'Man's Best Friend' seems quite similar to 'Dear Penis', only in the form of a video with liberal spoonfuls of desi.

Coincidence or not, this isn't the only thing AIB's new sketch is reminding people of. A commenter on YouTube pointed out the similarity between 'Man's Best Friend' and a couple of episodes from Series 2 of a popular BBC television sitcom called Joking Apart. The show was written by Steven Moffat ('Coupling', 'Sherlock') and broadcast between 1993 and 1995. The episodes in question introduced a character named Dick, who eventually turned out to be a personification of the protagonist Mark's penis.

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