10 Restaurants That Cater To Hyderabad’s Hungry Insomniacs

In the city of Nizams, late night cravings are sorted with a phone call.

Working late? Too tired to cook? Late night cravings? Anything else that makes you look for restaurants after most of us are getting ready to hit the sack? Don't worry, we found some of the best places in the city, that stay open late for folks like you. A late night drive to cool off, or simply to order in for a late dinner when you have friends over, we've got you covered. From cafe-style food to biryani, there's a little something for everyone:

Viva Italia

Perhaps you missed dinner or are simply craving a bowl of creamy pasta, Viva Italia is at your service till 2.30 in the morning. They've got pizza, and sandwiches too. No need to look into your fridge for old, cold food. You can order in from Viva Italia or go there for dinner instead.

Where: Banjara Hills

When: 12 noon to 2.30am

Average cost for two: ₹750

Must try: Chicken Alfredo, pizza

Dusk 2 Dawn

Some nights you just need that butter chicken and naan to put you in a better mood. And some cravings hit you at odd hours. Which is why Dusk 2 Dawn is perfect. They are ready to deliver your favourite food to you, even if it is 3 am.

Where: Madhapur

When: 7 pm to 4 am

Average cost for two: ₹400

Must try: Paneer butter masala, chilli chicken

Yum Yum Tree

Working late? Head to Yum Yum Tree with your colleagues for a hearty meal. From burgers to shawarma, fish to barbecue, you won't be disappointed. Walk in anytime till around 3am and you can be assured of a good dinner.

Where: Chandrayanagutta

When: 12 noon to 3am

Average cost for two: ₹550

Must try: Fish mandi, BBQ chicken

Raju Gari Pulao

For comfort food desi style, order online from Raju Gari Pulao. Lots of ghee on your sambar rice is something to look forward too. They also do some amazing pulaos, keema, veg, mixed non-veg, that they serve in large quantities.

Where: Jubilee Hills

When: 1 pm to 2 am

Average cost for two: ₹400

Must try: Sambar rice, non-veg pulao

Shah Ghouse Hotel

We can't do a post about late night food joints in Hyderabad without a biryani and kebabs place. That's why there's Shah Ghouse. You can also get your hands on some haleem if they haven't run out of it.

Where: Gachibowli

When: Noon to 2 am

Average cost for two: ₹800

Must try: Haleem, mutton biryani

Silver Salt

For a late night date, or dinner with friends, Silver Salt is just right. Get some shisha going, and spend the night with delicious mughlai food and biryani.

Where: Banjara Hills

When: 11.30am to 4am

Average cost for two: ₹1,200

Must try: Raan biryani, nalli barrah

Express Meals

For those nights of greasy Chinese and fast food that hits the spot, Express Meals is the place to order from. They have chicken shawarma, chilli chicken, fried rice, biryani and so much more on their menu.

Where: Banjara Hills

When: 1pm to 2.30am

Average cost for two: ₹550

Must try: Chicken shawarma, veg fried rice

Wich Way

Wich Way offers fantastic cafe fare including bruschetta, breakfast sandwiches, subs, salads, brownies, cookies and coffee. For something sweet, or savoury, which isn't too big on cost, but is big on flavour, order online from Wich Way.

Where: Banjara Hills

When: 7pm to 2am

Average cost for two: ₹400

Must try: Chicken club sandwich, brownies

Mama Mia

If you thought late night eateries meant only fast food, we bring to you, Mama Mia. You can order your favourite Italian food, even at 2am. Dine in or order online, the food's going to make you happy either way.

Where: Madhapur

When: 6pm to 2am (Mon-Tue), 12 noon to 2am(Wed-Sun)

Average cost for two: ₹800

Must try: Pepperoni pizza, peri peri chicken

Ohri's Eatmore

What's a late night binge without ice cream? Ohri's Eatmore is your saviour for those odd hour ice cream cravings. They have a selection of delicious desserts such as apple pie, hazelnut brownie, death by chocolate, and chocolate volcano.

Where: Banjara Hills

When: 7am to 4pm, 7pm to 3am

Average cost for two: ₹1,000

Must try: Ice cream sundae, chhole bhature

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