25/06/2015 8:19 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

How Brands Can Be Vibrant On The Social Media Platform

Social media has become an inseparable part of the modern individual's life. It not only is the prime source of entertainment these days, but also provides information and awareness. Brands use it as the most effective way to promote themselves to their target audience. Social media is flooded with millennials, and brands seek this as an opportunity to target this group, and promote themselves in the best possible way. The driving factor of the popularity and benefits of social media is that it is used by everyone; be it a layperson, brands, startups, schools and college students, etc. hence, making it an efficient platform for one to explore.

Social media platforms are being used very efficiently by brands to garner engagement and to build upon their brand value and recall. Rather than focusing on being popular, brands are utilizing social media platforms as a way to engage with their customers on a daily basis. Facebook is the most popular platform for brands to interact with their followers and potential customers. The posts and pictures showcased aim to engage with their customers, and keep them updated with the latest trends and changes that are going on within the brand. Despite the opportunities that social media offers, some brands fail to utilize the benefits. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind in order to leverage better engagement by being vibrant and active:

Constant Engagement: Sharing posts and pictures on the platform is a key method of engagement. The secret lies in regularity and consistency of the posts. The word 'regular' means strictly following a timeline of either an hourly tweet or a daily Facebook post for viewers to see your brand. The higher the number of posts on a daily/weekly basis the customers comes across of your brand, the more engaged they become with your updates and trends. As per reports, around 55% of B2B markets have mentioned that they have generated leads by being constantly active on social media. However, the communication cannot be kept one-way. Constant engagement also includes replies from the brand on the customers' comments. Whether it's a complaint tweet or a comment on a post; the brand needs to process a reply to its customers on a regular basis as well. This will be highly appreciated by the customers, and would make them recommend it to their friends.

Content Matters: Apart from the quantity or regularity of posts that reach the customers, it is imperative that the quality of the content matters as well. This implies the language used in order to convey the message on a social media platform. It is only if the content interests the customer, will they then share the brand's posts. To understand what interests the users, the brands need to know their target customers very well. From sharing relevant information to something that is entertaining will make them want to share or re-tweet. For instance, good quality and eye-catching photographs on Instagram will also want them to either screenshot and share it with their Instagram friends, or directly repost it from the brands' feed. Sharing posts on offers/discounts, innovations, interesting facts, industry news, information on latest trends in the brands' industry, will create hype within the audience. Creativity is the key to ensure that these posts appeal to the customers. Brands also need to ensure their content is authentic.

Following new trends in the digital platform: People would get attracted to things that are going on presently rather than what has already taken place. This includes the trending topics on their feed. It is through the content on their feeds that they know the current fads. Whether it's a selfie, a video or constant connect with emoticons. In order to grab the attention of their customers and followers, brands need to take a note of all latest trends and incorporate these very trends in the content they share. It can be as simple as the brand sharing a story of its employee through a selfie. This makes the brand relatable and the followers feel a connect with it which further drives interaction. Another way of incorporating latest trends can be in the form of a contest. One can even begin a trend using a hashtag for a certain contest. Later, once they see the crowd engagement with that hashtag, a contest message can be passed on,. The users will react to this, and the active ones will get on the contest quickly, thus bringing traction to that particular hashtag.

Social media is one of the best platforms that can be explored by brands for reaching out to their customers. If used wisely and adequately, with an active communication to go on between the brand and its customers, it can do wonders for a brand. With over 1 billion people active on social media, brands can explore it on small and big levels, and reach out to the people with messages they intend to convey.