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After Mumbai City, IIT Bombay goes Crazy Over "Speaking Pics" Phenomena

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GURGAON, INDIA - DECEMBER 4: Chef Sarah Todd taking the selfie with her fans during Hindustan Times The Gourmet High Street at Sector-29 Leisure Valley Ground, on December 4, 2015 in Gurgaon, India. (Photo by Parveen Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

After gripping Mumbai, the speaking "orange line" pic trend created by VoxWeb has taken over some of the most renowned colleges and university campuses in India. In the recently concluded Mood Indigo, the annual cultural festival of IIT Bombay which the Institute claims to be the largest inter-collegiate cultural festival in Asia, 'speaking pics' frenzy became the highlight of the fest.

From concerts of singers Pritam and Shaan to main hubs of the fest, thousands of group photos and speaking selfies, or "voxies" as they are being called, were created which carried the atmosphere and energy of the festival. A "voxie booth" placed inside Students Activity Center saw large serpentine queues as students lined up to create their first ever speaking selfie.

Speaking pics are created by a mobile app called VoxWeb. To create voxie, a user can use VoxWeb camera to take a photo and add up to 11 seconds of voice note - in lieu of a text caption - to give perspective to the pic and capture the atmosphere of the pic. The resultant 'speaking pic' is displayed as an image underline by an orange line. This orange line helps the recipient identify speaking pictures which can be heard upon tapping the pic.

The app also has a 4 second selfie timer which will capture atmosphere of the selfie - live music in concerts, stadium chores, party song, etc. thus giving it an edge over other selfie timers. The ability to capture sound with the picture gives the recipient a more vivid idea of emotion of pic creator and atmosphere of the photo that is captured.

The review of the VoxWeb app by users on Google Play pages and by bloggers has been positive so far with people praising the poetic nature of the terminology and app flows, which is in sharp contrast to other social media platforms. Some even mentioned in their reviews that consuming a speaking pic is such an amazing experience that they now look out for an orange line beneath any photo they come across.

Ever since VoxWeb has rolled out, users across the world are sharing pictures with vivid emotions, a trend that is reverberating across Europe and Americas. Be it a talking selfie at a boat ride in Venice or a talking photo in Las Vegas, people are latching on to this new way of image capturing and communication. It seems speaking pictures as a concept has captured the imagination of those who had been carving for an innovative image sharing platform for quite some time now.

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