14/01/2015 2:19 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

One More Time Peshawar?

A lone dead star,

darker than the darkest

Stood guard in a pale wintry


While evil slipped in after scaling the walls

Before turning the masjid of little angels

Into crimson and gore.

The buds before they could blossom

Were plucked and snuffed

While the red stains mosaiced the floor.

Things that they learnt; and foremost among them all, to ask 'why'

didn't slip out as fear

curdled their words and blood splattered the walls.

While you lie gored Peshawar,

We will rise for your daughters and sons

And wipe your frozen tear...

And ask their questions imbrued and aborted.

'Allah' the almighty, would you allow your Jihad to be built on the blood of Cherubs and Seraphs?

Has anybody ever won such a war?

And their kingdoms lasted?

One more time, would you give us? just a last time?

To be snuggled in your bosom Peshawar?