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5 Indian Websites That Make Wedding Planning A Breeze

In this Monday, Nov. 3, 2014 photo, Ram Charan, 35, from Bareilly some 256 kilometers (160 miles) from Delhi, a member of Master Band, an Indian brass band specialized in playing weddings, poses for a portrait in New Delhi. Dressed in faded military-style uniforms or long silken tunics and turbans, brass bands playing the latest Bollywood tunes have long been a must-have at any Indian wedding. But as the tastes of young, wealthier Indians shift to more modern music, young couples increasingly choose DJs playing electronic music instead of live bands. The shift is leaving band owners and musicians struggling to find gigs, exacerbating an already difficult existence. (AP Photo /Manish Swarup)


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Weddings are fun, memorable and once-in-a lifetime events (hopefully) that everyone looks forward to. But weddings, especially in India, can get quite hectic, be it planning the theme or managing the guests or looking for the best bands to perform or counting the number of plates at the food counter! Here are five websites that will make your life easier if you're planning a wedding in India.

1. The Bridal Box is cool, comprehensive and has everything from wedding planners to pundits and whole lot of articles on real weddings, dresses, theme ideas and more. Their listings are exhaustive, their articles are pretty good and, more importantly, they have the details of the best bridal designers so that you do not need to spend too much time on searching.

2. The Big Fat Indian Wedding

This is another interesting site that deals mostly in exclusive and real wedding stories. From pictures to dresses to the couple's love story and more, this is a site that can surely inspire and help you ideate on themes and designs you want for your wedding.

3. Invity

This is an exclusive e-invite site that helps you customise, personalise and send invitations online. It has some very cool features like managing your guest list and RSVPs.

4. Shubh Vivah

How about a custom-designed website for your wedding? From picture galleries to live streaming of the event for friends and family who cannot be there or just for having a wedding book of your own on the web, this is the site you must go to!

5. Vogue Weddings

This Vogue site is more like a beautiful coffee table book about weddings and the latest trends in bridal fashions. Perfect for fashionistas who want to make a style statement even as they get hitched.

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