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7 Ways To Spot A Child Getting An Excellent Education

Teach For India

At Teach For India, we believe in guiding our children to be the leaders of tomorrow. We strive to imbibe the qualities of courage, compassion and wisdom in every aspect of their lives and wish for them to become inspiring human beings who can lead and dream.

Here's how you can tell whether a is child receiving quality education.

1. They will have wisdom beyond their years. They will not hesitate to give you advise or remind you of the simple things you would have otherwise missed out on.


2. They will ask questions that will inspire you and push you to think beyond the obvious. Needless to say, you might often not have the right answers.


3. They will have a 'never back down' attitude and the ability to pick themselves up and start again. Failure is merely a learning process -- it will never be something that will stop them.


4. They will have compassion for all fellow beings. They'll bring love, respect and understanding to everyone around them and will enthusiastically stand up against any kind of discrimination.



5. They will question norms that do not make sense to them and will be courageous enough to challenge status quo whenever needed.


6. They will be aware of things that are not only happening in their country but also around the world. They will also be able to analyse what these events could mean for them.


7. They will deal with whatever life throws at them fearlessly -- knowing what the truth is but with the hope and faith that everything has the potential to turn around.


Our aim at Teach For India is to ensure that all children will eventually receive an excellent education. We believe that it is when all our children become individuals of the highest caliber, will our nation reach its true potential. Let's come together to ensure that we are doing whatever we can in our individual capacities to enable our kids to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Written By Rimjhim Surana - Digital Associate - Teach For India

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