14/11/2016 11:22 AM IST | Updated 14/11/2016 1:22 PM IST

6 Amazing Ways To Spend Your Old ₹500 And ₹1000 Notes

You have until 24 November.

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters

The whole country seems to be reeling after Prime Minister Modi's announcement of the decision to demonetize high currency notes. This decision has been lauded as a "masterstroke" by some, but the public at large has been grappling with the inconvenience of long queues, out-of-order ATMs and the apparent paucity of change at small stores. There have also been disturbing reports of emergency situations resulting in tragic outcomes because of a lack of valid cash.

But amidst all the crises, there are still certain things you can do until 24 November (the deadline just got extended!) to make good use of your unconverted cash. After today, they are likely to be good for nothing at all unless you join one of those intimidating queues!

1.Travel to your dream destination

Have you been saving all your life to travel down to the destination of your dreams?

Right now is the best time to take the plunge as old ₹500 and ₹1000 notes are being accepted for the purchase of train, bus and air tickets.

2.Take a road trip

Have soaring petrol prices kept you from going on that road trip with your buddies? Get on your bike/car now and drive to the farthest destination you can think of. Your old currency notes can be exchanged for petrol, diesel or gas at fuel stations operated by public sector oil companies. Even better, all the national highways tolls are free until today.

3. Make your parents happy

Do you always end up making excuses when your parents ask you to deposit their electricity and water payments. Now's the time to redeem yourself. You can pay utility bills with your old currency notes and make your parents happy!

4. Buy medicines

If you have relatives or friends who are not well, this is your chance to do them a good turn. All the pharmacies are accepting old notes for buying medicines with a doctor's prescription.

5. Stock up on groceries

Make your spouse happy by surprising them with a well-stocked fridge. Go and buy all your groceries from consumer cooperative stores and milk booths operating under the authorization of the Central or state governments.

6. Reconnect with history

All the purchase counters of monuments maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India are accepting old notes from sightseers. Go check out monuments that testify to glorious eras of history and hope that the current one survives the test of time as well!

It's almost time to say a final goodbye to your hard-earned 500 and 1000 notes, and while you could deposit or exchange them at the bank, why not give them the farewell they deserve?

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