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Swapan's Picks: 5 Exclusive T-Shirt Brands I Swear By

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TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 06: A general view of atmosphere at the 'Bad Words' post-screening celebration during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival on September 6, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for James Perse)

I am, for most purposes, a jeans and tee kind of guy.

But having keeled over the age of 45 some years back, I have progressively ditched the jeans.

But my devotion to tees continues to this day. This summer, for instance, I have paired my tees with jogger pants. They effectively marry rage with age (a nicer way of saying mid-life crisis).

I am a tad fastidious about my tees and have spent a lifetime researching them.

Here is my pick of tees that suit me to a tee.

James Perse

I have been obsessed with Perse's tees for the longest time. His Shirttail Hem Crew is a delightful piece of fabric. The cotton is sourced from Japan and has a lived-in feel to it. Even though he is from LA, he does have a lovely little store in The Village in NYC. But I am no fan of New York. So I prefer to order online. They do ship to India. But I must warn you that shipping charges are incredibly steep.


Esteban Saba and his wife Petra, run this absolutely delightful company out of New York. The tees are handmade in Peru using the very finest Pima fibres. Plus the cotton is hand-harvested. Each label is hand written in red ink by Petra herself. Handvaerk is a sensorial experience. I am its slave.


Suraj Melwani founded sifr in 2008 . And no trip of mine to Singapore is complete without picking up a stash of their tees. The fabric once again is Pima Cotton and they have an assortment of colours to choose from. Additionally, they understand the weather in Singapore and by that logic, India as well. A great Singaporean brand.


Japanese minimalism at its best. And extraordinarily durable too. Plus these boys are reassuringly light on the wallet too. Their Supima Cotton Crew tees are lovely in terms of their feel. Their AIRism tees are also very nice. The only issue is that they refuse to ship to India, which really means having to fly to Singapore to get them. Which is always such a tempting thought.

David Gandy For Marks And Spencer

Mostly, Marks and Spencer understands very little about tees. But in the David Gandy range they have found divine intervention and inspiration. Their Stay Soft Crew Neck tee is fantastic and luxurious. Great fabric and feel. And without a shadow of doubt, now the best tees available in India.

So there you go. Pick which one suits you to the tee.

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