26/04/2017 3:51 PM IST | Updated 26/04/2017 5:25 PM IST

MCD Poll Results Show It Was A Mistake By AAP To Take Voters For Granted

There are some things that the electorate just won’t tolerate.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

As far as elections go, the municipal corporation polls of Delhi don't usually attract the media glare. This time was different—the municipal polls were viewed as a barometer of the public's support for AAP, which wrested Delhi during the Assembly elections by winning 67 out of the 70 seats. Now that the BJP has swept the municipal polls, the AAP is flailing, and trying to put the entire blame of their defeat on "rigged" EVMs. Instead of wasting their breath on ridiculous claims, AAP should spend its time on serious analysis. In my opinion such an analysis will reveal certain anomalies that the Indian democracy has not accepted and indeed has the inherent tendency to reject.

Arrogance is the first such thing, and we have repeatedly seen that it is a trait that most AAP leaders have in abundance. When faced with failure, they tend to paint themselves as victims and blame everyone but themselves for their predicament. It is downright delusional and comes across as fundamentally dishonest given that their USP is to tom-tom how honest they are compared to other parties.

Ultimately, people want results. They want solutions to problems and not cry babies. They want good governance, not dharnas that lead nowhere.

Secondly, AAP leaders think that tamasha or agitation is an adequate substitute for good governance. They should look at the promises they made and whether they have taken steps to fulfill them. Truth is that they have spent most of their time in power picking fights and squabbling, often with no rhyme or reason. People voted in AAP to see change, but what they got was noise pollution!

When AAP came first with flying colours in the Delhi assembly polls, no one blamed the EVM machines. It was clear that the people hoped they would put in place a better system. However, this did not pan out as planned. A better system requires finding the right people for the right jobs—but AAP is just a one-man show where other effective leaders are sidelined. How then can the right people do the right jobs?

AAP spoke of the corruption of the BJP in the MCD polls. But has it used its years in power to expose corruption? To clean out the system? On the contrary, its leaders were found to be asking for bribes, getting enmeshed in sex scandals and generally not being very representative of honesty and integrity.

AAP never gave an image of cohesive leadership. Those who made AAP what it was were sidelined one after the other and what were left were Kejriwal and his acolytes. People trusted the team, and when this core group was dismantled, people lost trust.

Ultimately, people want results. They want solutions to problems and not cry babies. They want good governance, not dharnas that lead nowhere. The youth lost their faith in Kejriwal and started looking to a leader who could deliver results. They shifted to Modi, because Modi acts—whether it's bringing crores of people into the banking system or launching a full-frontal attack on black money.

Those who oppose the BJP should try to analyse why people are voting for the party again and again. Yes the BJP lost Bihar, but it immediately course-corrected and went on to win Uttar Pradesh. But it immediately course-corrected and won Uttar Pradesh. In Delhi it took the bold decision to not field any sitting MCD councillor. Can any other party dare to do this?

Earning the people's faith is not an easy thing, but the BJP has been doing it almost on a daily basis. Those who wish to stand against the party have to do a lot more than complain—they need to present an alternative vision and the wherewithal to bring vision into action. So far this is nowhere in evidence.

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