28/03/2017 1:58 PM IST | Updated 06/04/2017 8:44 AM IST

6 Cost-Nothing Ways To Make Your Startup Get Noticed

You have a great startup, and now you want more and more people to talk about it. Wait a minute... think! There are literally hundreds and thousands of you. Startups seem to be growing at almost the same rate as the country's population... and just as physical places are getting constricted, mind spaces are getting cramped too.

Here are some simple and powerful things that can help your brand be more visible, in addition to whatever you might be planning for publicity.

1. Start from home

Take a look at the "About Us" section on your website. Then, visit the "About Us" sections of some leading global players' websites. You might notice that they expend a lot of effort on talking about themselves, their management and other key people. This is not because they have money to do fancy websites. The real answer is that they want to tell people the strengths that the company represents. They want to showcase where that strength lies, what it looks like and what it does. It's about showcasing commitment and the fact that they are here to stay and do business. Take a similar approach with your "About Us" section—let people really get to know you.

2. Make a wholesome pitch to everyone

Turn every "behind the scene" aspect into a marketable opportunity for the brand. When selling your startup idea/ service, you could also highlight people in your team (not just the senior management but how diverse your team is), use social media to showcase your company values, develop an organisational culture worth emulating, do some fun activities to demonstrate that you are progressing towards "best companies to work with" list.

3. Go local

Get involved in local events. Keep checking event notifications and make your presence felt. Make sure you have a roster or a calendar of events, so that there's a reiteration and outreach to people in a timely manner. By the way, your work doesn't end there. Make sure you pick up one USP about your association with that particular event and then create a social media campaign around it. Participation in events that are organised by reputed media houses could also work well.

4. Networking is key

Create networking events which are likely to draw the attention of people. It's not always important that they are aligned to your brand offering but they could have similar values. Conduct public workshops at high footfall places, do some fun competitions in a local market and push your brand (subtly, please).

5. Be an opinion-maker

It could be your extra chance to get noticed, but... disclaimer—do it at your own risk. Be sensible while airing your views. Keep an eye out and make your own statements about any event or incident that is potentially associated with what your brand stands for. You could even start a unique hashtag and get people to react. Take the time to comment on news articles giving your opinion bringing up your startup's name.

6. Tell stories

Factual writing on a company blog is passé—get to storytelling. Everything that you want to largely tell your customer has to be packaged in a storytelling format. Adding humour could be more engaging for a reader and could get them intrigued to explore more.