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How To Talk To A Guy Watching A Game

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(This blog-post is a response to the now viral post published on The Modern Man, titled How To Talk To A Woman Wearing Headphones)

These days, many men talk about the games they watch on TV. Sometimes they even do it in bars or restaurants or waiting rooms. They look so busy and intense.

Yet, that doesn't mean you can't talk to them.

If a man watching a game is single and hoping to meet his new girlfriend (or even wife), he would love to stop watching and give you an opportunity to create that spark with him.

Of course, pausing his game doesn't always mean he's interested in talking to you or anything. Sometimes he could just be wondering who you are and how you entered his house.

What to do to get his attention

1. Hover around the screen (but leave some space! You have to whip your hair and it's rude and disrespectful to accidentally smack him with your hair).

2. Wear a shy smile.

3. If he hasn't already looked at you, do the hair whip

4. When he looks at you, smile, point to the screen and confidently ask, "Can that wait?" as you pretend to be a sweaty player taking a break from the game, so that he understands what you mean.

If he doesn't understand that you want him to talk to you, simply dribble a pretend basketball, shoot, miss, groan and sit. He will now understand – the game has to wait.

Of course, it's rare that you have to go this far, but some boys are shy and will walk away, glaring and punching the air. That's usually a sign that he doesn't want to talk to you, so you should probably forget about it.

5. If he does look away from the screen, quickly mention the novelty of this approach. You can either say, "No one's done this before right? FIRST!" or read the conversation below for more options:

For example, in a bar:

YOU: [Smile in a shy, polite manner]

J Hey – I know it's a little annoying to talk to someone when they're in the middle of watching something – and you look like you're watching something really intense! Oh! Is that the final? Who's losing? What do you mean you can't explain? You've been yelling at a screen for ten minutes. You're hot, by the way. What's your name?

MAN: *grunt*

YOU: That's a cool name! You know I once had a friend who–HEY THIS CONVERSATION ISN'T OVER YET.

MAN: [Possibly edging away, indicating he wants to go on a walk and discuss this encounter in more detail]

YOU: [Let him know you're not here just to talk to him] Anyway, I'm just here to YOLO! Make merry with my fellow youths, you know? And this groovy music I'm hearing? Gosh! What are you here for?

At this point, he's forgotten about the sports and is 100% focused on you. Sit down and talk about the time you took a basketball class when you were 14. Tell him how meaningful an experience it was, and how it has really helped you relate to boys better. Then put his number in your phone and walk away.

Common mistakes made by women when approaching men who are watching a game

1. Not being smooth enough

Girls, no messing around, okay? If you're at his doorstep and are looking around nervously, everyone will think you're some sort of trespasser. If you confidently climb the window, fall into the living room and giggle — you will come off as refreshing and you will have gotten his full attention.

2. Giving up too easily

Everything is a test of your persistence. You didn't get that job because you only called the hiring manager's personal cell phone twice and yelled at her kid when he answered her phone. If you'd had faith in yourself and called up the third time, told the kid about the monsters in his room, and made him cry until his mom made you the offer, you would've been happily employed.

Same thing here. Sometimes a man will want to talk to you but will dial 100 on his phone first. Why?

He wants to play hard to get. He's testing how far you will go to keep this conversation alive. Will you say "anyway, call me, I've put my number in your phone" as you're being whisked off in the cop car? Will you quietly walk away, his wallet in your pocket? It will make a world of difference.

3. Sticking to small talk

You got him to turn away from the screen. Don't ask him what his name is! He will lose interest and turn back to the TV. Keep the confidence you've built so far. Tell him that Sara probably broke up with him because his Instagram caption from 2009 seemed a little passive-aggressive. Begin to change his life right away!

Who knows? You may have just found yourself a husband. Now all you have to do is work around that restraining order.

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