17/08/2015 1:34 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Resolutions For Pakistan On Independence Day

Pakistan has turned 68 years old. From 1947 to 2015, this country has come a long way and has an even longer way to go.

Like all other countries on the world map, Pakistan too has had its share of good days and bad days. Where numerous Pakistanis have given up their hopes on this country, so many others keep loving it, every day. And when talking about Pakistan's Independence Day, how can one possibly forget those who have wasted much of their time having Indo-Pak debates?

But this year, instead of opening a history book or sitting down with their grandparents to hear stories from that time, many Pakistanis have decided to look into the present and plan for the future. They believe that making resolutions will help them focus on what to do to make this country a prosperous one. According to many, it is better to make the youth plan the future instead of teaching them how to sing patriotic songs like "Dil Dil Pakistan"or "Yeh Watann Tumhara Hai", which only stir patriotic sentiments on 14 August every year.


As a Pakistani, I must continue working with complete dedication for the betterment of my beloved country and contribute my bit in my field.

- Khalid Umar, retired officer of Pakistan Army

I cannot do much at this age. But I tell my grandchildren that nothing can be achieved without struggle. I have even been after them to return to Pakistan after they are done studying abroad. The youth must return and serve this country. If everybody leaves, who will work for Pakistan?

- Shahnawaz, 75-year-old grandmother

My resolution is to take responsibility as a citizen for making Pakistan a better place to live.

- Ahmer Jalil, engineer

Treat all Pakistanis equally. No race, religion, caste or ethnicity would change that. All for one, one for all.

- Harris Shahzad, ophthalmologist

I hope that we start building an all-inclusive society and strive towards becoming better humans. There is a desperate need to inculcate the basic humanity in people.

- Emmad Hameed, sports journalist

What independence does a poor person like me have? But like every day, today too I pray that poverty is eliminated and I can live my remaining life with prosperity in this country. I send my children to school so that they can become better humans and play a role in eliminating poverty from Pakistan.

- Bilquis, domestic help

My resolution this year is instilling a sense of unwavering love and respect towards Pakistan in my social circle, where most of us take Pakistan for granted.

- Soha Saghir, A-level student

Celebrations and resolutions on Pakistan's Independence Day should be materialised when Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan.

- Shehzad Latif, MA student in Azad Kashmir

People should stop littering. A cleaner Pakistan will be a much better place to live in.

- Hussain Iqbal, student

I want to form a peer group with the aim to eradicate fascism and anti-feminism.

- Sheryar Jabbar, student

My resolution is to study hard and do something big which can be a source of recognition for Pakistan. I also want to become a role model for the youth.

- Hadi Zia, student

My resolution, like every year, is to stop people from decorating their space with the paper-made Pakistani flag banners. Yes, everyone knows how happy you must be today, but don't you feel it is wrong to throw those flag banners in the dustbin when Independence Day is over or to let the wind bring them down on the streets and ultimately have shoes step on them? Start by respecting your country's flag. The rest comes later.