22/09/2015 4:15 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

10 Killer Ways To Have Nutella

Sheema Khan

You don't have to be a professional chef to use Nutella in the most innovative way. It is one of the few things in this world that tastes incredible straight out of the jar!


As easy as eating it straight out of the jar may be, you can give the following tried and tested 'recipes' (and I use the term 'recipe' loosely) a shot.

  1. Ever tried dipping Pringles in Nutella? It tastes good with Doritos too. Come on, give it a shot. You know you want to!
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  3. Not a fan of bananas? Desserts or milkshakes with bananas a no-no? Then try this: Peel a banana, cut it into pieces, cover them in Nutella and voila! You can also sprinkle roasted and chopped almonds over it. Try it, it's shockingly delish.
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  5. Bread and Nutella have a legendary bond. Nutella spread on toast is the easiest thing to do. But if you want to try something new here's what you have to do: Take a slice of bread, spread Nutella on it. Then cover it with another slice of bread. Spread peanut butter on that piece. And cover it again. And since you are already sinning you might as well add a layer of Nutella to the last slice too.
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  7. You can even coat plain donuts with Nutella. If you wish to get fancy, use colorful sprinkles to decorate them and enjoy!
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  9. Give Martha Stewart's Nutella Hot Chocolate a try. All you need is milk, Nutella and whipped cream. Add to the experience by dipping marshmallows in it.
  10. 2015-08-19-1439994303-5715370-hotcocoa0060mld110690_vert.jpg

  11. Let's not forget the absolute joy of dunking chocolate chip cookies or even plain ol' crackers in Nutella.
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  13. Strawberries and chocolate are the most romantic combination of all time. Take a strawberry, dip half of it in Nutella and let the two settle down in the fridge for a while. You'll love it!
  14. 2015-08-19-1439994068-8575636-Nutellaimagenutella36727236400286.jpg

  15. Movie night at home? Popcorns, yes? Add a liberal quantity of Nutella to the popcorn bowl, cover it and shake until they are all coated in it. It really doesn't matter what flavor of popcorn you use in this.
  16. 2015-08-19-1439993955-5308541-dsc_2774.jpg

  17. Want to break the monotony? Get these: Fresh strawberries, peeled and chopped bananas, marshmallows, Nutella and skewers. On a skewer, fix a strawberry, then a piece of banana and then a marshmallow. Repeat the process depending on how hungry you are. Coat the prepared fruit and marshmallow skewer with Nutella and enjoy! You can even replace the fruits with those of your choice.
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  19. And for something unforgettably yummy, grab an ice cream cone and add some magic to it. In a bowl, chop up a generous quantity of roasted nuts and mix them with an equally generous dollop of Nutella. Spread this mixture inside the cone and place it in the freezer to set. Then take it out, scoop out the ice cream of your choice and fill the cone. Tadaaa!


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