28/08/2015 3:04 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Fail


With millions of blogs already on the web, and new ones getting in on the act, blogging is an activity that sees a mind-boggling investment of cumulative time and effort. But while all blogs are started with a degree of passion, only some succeed.

But first, what is the definition of a successful blogger? The best way to deem a blogger a success is if he or she is able to make a living out of blogging. But very few people are able to do this. It's not as easy as it looks to create substantial, unique content that will attract plenty of traffic. To be a successful blogger, you need to understand that there is a lot of information and resources available on the internet and you need to be a cut above the rest. You need to write about things that you know about and are passionate about rather than content you think others want to read. Once you have focus you'll be able to define your target audience and then write for them, providing relevant and valuable information about your subjects.

Yet, there are also some blogs with great content that don't succeed in generating revenue.

To be a booming blogger, it is significant you understand that why other bloggers fail.

1. Launching too soon

Imagine this: You are surfing the net, looking for information on how to, say, increase your cat's IQ. You find this one blog post that gives you amazing insights and leaves you hungry for more information on bringing up a super-pet. But you find nothing there. It's just that one stellar post. What will be your reaction? Will you wait around another article or look elsewhere to find out more about puzzles that will bring kitty closer to winning that Nobel? It's likely that you will move on. Thus, it is very important that you launch your blog only when it has a substantial number of articles quench your readers' curiosity.

2. Lagging behind on promotions

After put together a good collection of interesting content and launch your blog, you can just sit back and wait for the traffic to arrive, right? Wrong. You cannot assume that your content has magnetic powers. You need to spread the word about your blog to let people know about its existence.

One of the major reasons why blogs fail is that bloggers do not look at them as a business. Like any other business, you need to do the right marketing for success. There are plenty of avenues: social media marketing, enabling e-mail subscriptions, joining online communities and forums and building up a web presence, replying to comments on your blogs and leaving behind yours on others' blogs.

3. Hoarding content

You may have figured out how to write quality posts targeted to your niche audiences, but don't keep all the good stuff to yourself - distribute it. Failure to share their content on other popular sites is one of the major reasons many bloggers fail to see success. As a rough guideline, publish seven-eight posts on your website per month and the rest of the time, publish guest posts on other popular sites. This helps in increasing your online presence, much needed for a blogger.

4. Letting blogs get stale

Many people don't bother with the minor maintenance that most blogs need. Some simple updates, tweaks and changes can be performed in a matter of few clicks. You do not require much technical knowledge of such things. Keep your blog current and relevant even if they've been posted a while ago.

5. Giving up too easily

One of the big reasons many bloggers fail is that they do not try. If you really have the passion and desire to be a successful writer then get started. You can succeed only if you try.

Make sure you try to engage with "real" people to populate "real writing" which is based on true experiences with which people can engage. It will make you a better writer and thus, more likely to succeed.