The Quiet Resilience Of Nepali Women


The Quiet Resilience Of Nepali Women [Photoblog]

It is remarkable to witness how many women who did not receive proper education have understood that it is the only tool that can liberate their children from the life of oppression they have endured. Today, in many villages in Nepal, a mother plays a pivotal role in educating not only her sons but also her daughters.
15/07/2016 6:46 PM IST
Fun-Facts About Being A


Fun-Facts About Being A Woman

A woman who earns more than her husband is emasculating. A woman who doesn't work is a failure. A woman somewhere in between is blah. I can't even explain this one, it hurts my sense of self worth having to explains such an offensive feature of this list.
14/04/2015 8:13 AM IST