20/06/2016 12:09 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Happy Father's Day, Mom!

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Mother and son in superhero costumes

My mother and I share a bond, that's beyond special. It's that sacred bond between a mother and her child, it's that friendship which we cherish always and our love only grew with time. Whoever said that having a father is important, wasn't wrong, but I'd say wait till you meet my mother. A single parent, she is no less than a super dad. For so many years, she has been my friend first and a parent later. Something most kids want, but seldom get.

In my growing years, we lived with the mantra of work hard, party harder. We had the house to ourselves and because she treated me as an equal, it made our relationship that much stronger. To say that we had fun would be an understatement. She has always been there for me in every possible way, donning many hats. Sometimes of a mother, father, friend, confidante, counsellor, critic, she is my all- in- one power house performer. Did she miss any of my birthday parties? Any recitals? Oh yes, plenty! But did I hold it against her? No. Not even for a second. Because she always told me when it was possible for her to come and when it wasn't. I never head her say, 'I am doing this for you'. She always stressed on doing this for us.

She taught me how to be independent, how to appreciate the little things we do for each other, but most importantly, she let me be me. I made my own decisions, I chose what I wanted to do. I learned from her how to support your loved ones in every decision they take. She showed me that world is not all black and white, she kept me grounded while giving wings to my dreams. We've gone hiking and camping together, we've taken our share of road trips, we've had the best conversations telling each other what's in our heart. But today, I make a confession, there is something I never said out loud- 'You are the world's best Dad! Happy Father's Day.'

This Father's Day, Raymond also pays a tribute to all single mothers with this beautiful film, wishing them a very Happy Father's Day. The film not only captures the relationship between a single mother and her child, but also how the little one's learn to appreciate life. Let's join Raymond in #SalutingSingleMothers this Father's Day.