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2015: A Rewind In Rhyme For Modi Sarkar

Modi Sarkar was obsessed with Ease of Doing Business/Exports tumbled, rupee crashed, jobs vanished while His Highness/Mr. Modi, added frequent flier miles, performed at events a la rock-star/Accompanied by crony capitalist friends, rightly called Suit Boot ki Sarkar.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
PATNA, INDIA - OCTOBER 25: BJP supporters gather during an election rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi amid Bihar Assembly Elections, at Hazipur on October 25, 2015 in Patna, India. During the rally, Modi focused on Development as the only issue for the NDA in Bihar poll. Development, development and development is our poll issue and it also panacea of all diseases. He said that as soon as the BJP-led NDA government would come to power, he would ask the government here to form a committee to explore ways for industrial development in the state which would provide employment to the youths. (Photo by Arvind Yadav/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

A sense of déjà vu prevailed in 2015; lots of circumlocution, tall talk

Like Mann ki Baat on AIR, election spiel and some vapid acronym

Health-care budgets, food security,MNREGA wages, were told: go take a walk

Rural distress peaked, the alarming rise in farmer suicides was frightening.

Modi Sarkar was obsessed with Ease of Doing Business

Exports tumbled, rupee crashed, jobs vanished while His Highness

Mr. Modi, added frequent flier miles, performed at events a la rock-star

Accompanied by crony capitalist friends, rightly called Suit Boot ki Sarkar.

India's not moving much on HDI index, but we were on track for a bullet train

RBI governor cut interest rates, as did the Fed

The common man, of course, went shivering to bed

Onion prices kissed the sky, the tomato vanished, as did the grain.

Dumb people, said many, want to create a smart city?

This ain't a jumla, jamboree, a rhetoric, or a quickie?

The year's buzzword was "intolerance", manifested in Award Wapsi

Libertarians, writers, artists, film-makers, even the President lamented the Dadri lynching

A mere accident, said BJP leaders; a state issue rued Modi, oh what a pity

Beef and cow became pet-subjects for communal milking.

Pahlaj Nihalani admonished James Bond for an extended kiss

While Hindutva fundamentalists protested to give Dilwale a miss.

Gajendra Chauhan remained obstinate, damn the poor FTII students

Poor Aamir Khan, spoke honestly at an event of Indian Express

Was shouted down, abused, a threat we need to address

Go to Pakistan, said agitated right-wingers as if worse than Delhi's pollutants.

Govind Pansare, Narayan Dabholkar, M M Kalburgi, killed in cold blood for being rational

If one uttered one word in protest, sorry, you were anti-national

Cosmopolitan Mumbai saw Sudheendra Kulkarni's face plastered with black ink

While Modi's tribe went ballistic on a revolution pink

Where is the Lok Pal? Whistleblower Act? An independent CBI?

Graft soared, the gravy train of corruption

Lalit Modi-Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Raman Singh, Shivraj Chouhan rode sky high

Even Arun Jaitley stood accused as Kirti Azad made a logical deduction.

The Vyapam Scam was a crime of foul reconstruction

Leading to inevitable parliamentary disruption.

But, Barack's good friend maintained a studied, stoic silence

He inhaled, exhaled, did a yoga pose, offered nonchalance.

Na Khaunga, Na Khaane Doonga was his rhetoric empty

Modi Sarkar's moral fibre has the backbone of a Maggi noodle

They treated allegations, as if a casual doodle

Even if the charges were serious and aplenty.

A BJP President caught on camera accepting cash, chronicled in history

So this brazen hypocrisy, seemed an intriguing mystery

While Modi continued to blow his own trumpet

Aggrieved, insulted army men protested on the streets on OROP

RSS has made the government its favourite puppet

Camera, Twitter, Selfies, Modi was busy with many a photo- op.

The Chennai floods ravaged a hapless city, the PM on a plane

Photoshopped the tragedy, left the PIB much to explain

To divert attention from mounting failures, target was the GST

India remained worried, from the economy, social harmony to national security.

Modi toadies, trolled and patrolled the social media like an ardent devotee

Amit Shah had predicted a cracker carnival, so Modi went to Pakistan

From Wembley, Madison Square Garden, Tokyo to also Afghanistan.

But Modi's yet to be known foreign policy is at best touristy

Hope you enjoyed this year-end sonnet, and are smiling ear to ear

Wishing your family and yourself a Happy New Year.

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