07/04/2015 4:12 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Nineties Indipop Hits for Now: Net Neutrality for India


From the decade that gave Indians the Internet. To be sung to the tune of Shaan's LOVE-ology, (but try not to wander off seeking romance after seeing this 90s masterpiece).

Here we go.

Neutrality, NEUT-rality,

Neutrality, this is Net reality,

Neutrality, this means data parity,

Neutrality, we are not a charity.

ISPs, please tell us why SPs,

You're so obsessed with bleeding out us chumps,

Telcos, stop being so bellicose,

You've got us moaning, groaning in the dumps,

Your data revenues are growing like a young King Kong,

Why must you turn the net into an endless Bieber song?

Neutrality's a must,

The lack of it is fail.

Over the top is one short hop from endless cyber-jail

Neutrality's a must,

The lack of it is fail

Our net speeds are quite slow enough without all this blackmail!

Neutrality, Internet equality,

Neutrality, Internet for-all-ity.

The real world, it's not a fair world,

No freedom in our houses or on streets,

But online, things are still fine,

It's far from perfect but it meets our needs,

You know these corporations and how many f***s they give,

Your choices and your voices need neutrality to live!

Neutrality's a must,

For independent minds,

Stick your cartels and your pricing up your giant behinds!

Neutrality's a must,

An open Internet,

Not a few giant companies just crushing all the rest!

Neutrality, we know it can't be free,

Neutrality, we've paid now let us be,

Take a call, this one's for us all,

Bhakt and libtard, here's a common fight,

You could love FIFA, or Khalifa,

But now you must unite, it's for your rights!

If you don't act right now my friend, they're going to rob you blind

America has got it, why should we be left behind?

Neutrality's a must,

The lack's an open sore.

Write to TRAI and tell them why by April 24!

Neutrality's a must,

The lack of it's a sin,

Write in!

Neutrality, NEUT rality,

Neutrality, unlike bestiality,

Neutrality, Nutralite-like quality,

Neutrality, tastes like Assam valley tea,

Neutrality, Internet equality,

Neutrality, Internet for-all-ity.