16/04/2015 8:11 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Photoblog: A Kolkata Less Seen

As I take a walk through "The City of Joy", I capture vignettes of daily life from the land of Tagore.

Sameer Mushtaq

As I take a walk through "The City of Joy", I capture vignettes of daily life from the land of Tagore. Kolkata is famous for its mouth-watering street food, old-world trams and grand if crumbling colonial architecture, but it's the people of this city (and nearby villages) that give it its unique flavour - for all their hardships and daily struggles, they still manage to keep their laid-back style and joys in small pleasures alive.

A man sells bags in an array of colours on the roadside at a famous market in Kolkata. He has spent many years doing business here and waiting for customers is a skill he has perfected.

On a hot and humid afternoon in the middle of a bustling city this man finds a place for his siesta.

Tired after a long day, commuters on their way home in a public bus.

A woman farmer trudges across a field at a village about 100km from Kolkata.

A middle-aged woman reins in a cow grazing at grass growing close to fence that is the border of Bangladesh.

Regular passengers and tourists in a tram run by the Calcutta Tramways Company (CTC). Kolkata is one of the oldest cities in India and here electric trams, an archaic mode of urban transport, continue to operate.

A view of a ferry next to Howrah Bridge in the Hooghly River. The bridge links the twin cities of Howrah and Kolkata and is the sixth longest cantilever bridge in the world.

A boy waits to offer prayers on the top floor of the Nakhoda Masjid in central Kolkata.

Residents while away the day in idle conversation at Madhusudan Kanti village near the Bangladesh border. They don't have much else to do - unemployment is one of the most pervasive issues in West Bengal.

A boy poses for the camera before running off to play cricket with the other kids.

A full-fledged art gallery featuring paintings by several popular artists on Cathedral Road.

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