19/04/2016 3:40 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

10 Cool Tips To Survive A Summer Trip In India

So summer is here, and with it come school vacations and family trips. But with the ongoing heat wave, the prospect of a domestic holiday is a little unnerving. These simple tips will help you make the right choices in this scorching weather and still have a rollicking good time.

1. Pick the right destination

Choosing destination can be tricky. Beaches are fun but at the same time, they are too hot to handle in this season. Places with too many tourist spots can also exhaust you in the summer. It's far better to go and chill out in a hill station (I'm planning to go in May) where the weather will be far more pleasant and there will be less pressure to tick off items on the must-see list. Just sit and enjoy the views. National parks also work well. They may be hot, but they're leafy and there's not much to do but go on relaxing safari jeep rides.

2. Forget about road trips

Road trips are fun but best avoided during summer. Vehicles like bikes and cars (where the roof is too close to the people inside) increase the possibility of heat stroke and can turn your summer vacation into a nightmare.

3. Timing is everything

No matter where you are (unless it's a truly chilly hill station), make sure that you do not wander outdoors between 11am to 4pm which is the 'danger zone'. Instead used this time to visit enclosed spaces such as museums or a shopping centre, have a leisurely meal and maybe even catch a film.

4. Accessorize right


Light clothing, hat and shades are summer essentials. Image:

Do not ever neglect protecting your body from the heat. When you are outside, use proper covering for your mouth, nose and ears to shield yourself from hot winds, which can cause dehydration. Use a hat or an umbrella for shade and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun's glare.

5. Wear sunscreen

Many people neglect this part and end up with sunburn or an unwanted tan. Apply a good waterproof sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body and reapply it every three to four hours to ensure that your skin remains protected.

6.Eat cooling foods

Street food is always awesome, but in summer when you are prone to dehydration and gastroenteritis, please stay away from temptations that are very hot, very oily or which do not appear safe. Try to munch on cool, watery foods like cucumber and watermelon through the day; these will help you stay hydrated too.

7. Hydration


Seasonal drinks are your best companions. Image:

Always carry a bottle with you, no matter where you are going. Who knows you might end up exploring an off-beat place where water is either not available or unsafe. If you are too lazy to carry a heavy water bottle, carry a purifying pen or an empty purifying water bottle. You are more prone to dehydration when you are wandering outside. So, make sure to drink at least 15 glasses of water. Coconut water is a very good companion in summer and contains plenty of minerals.

8. Adopt an appropriate skin care routine

Summer can wreak havoc on your skin if proper care is not taken. Excessive oil and sweat can cause troublesome irritation, rashes, prickly heat, and exacerbation of acne. Change your skin care products to suit this season. Use tissues to wipe a sweaty face to avoid acne. Use face packs with aloe vera gel or sandal wood powder to soothe the skin.


Choose cotton and linen clothes for the season. Go for loose fits for comfort and flexibility. Remember that dark colours absorb more heat.

10. Medicine

Carry some emergency medication like anti emetics, anti-motility drugs and a few packets of oral rehydration powder.

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