11/03/2015 8:17 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Ladies, How About A Men's Day?

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Ladies, we've had our day in the sun.

We've woken up to a dozen messages wishing us on Women's Day. By the time we sipped our first coffee, we were showered by offers -- from pubs to parlours -- each celebrating our womanhood with a discount. Poems and songs hailing "the girl in me" were shared.

The broadsheet too was all about women -- What women want. What women don't want. What women mean when they say they don't want. And what women want what they want.

The day certainly called for some champagne with the ladies.

But by evening, as I reached home to prepare for manic Monday, it struck me. What about the men? 'Yeah, what about them?' When will they celebrate their existence?

"What's there to celebrate?" many among us will quip. "Isn't 90% of the world's misery -- torture, rape, murder and even war -- courtesy men?"

Statistics may point to that argument. But ladies, have a heart. If we can have our day, so should men.

Why shouldn't a man be made to feel special on a particular day. Why shouldn't he be showered with discount offers at stores, salons and spas. Why shouldn't he get a free dessert with every meal he orders. Why shouldn't he be allowed to share poems and songs celebrating his manhood.

Turns out there is an International Men's Day. The day falls on November 19.

According to Wikipedia, International Men's Day was inaugurated in 1992 in Missouri University, Kansas City. A professor, Dr Thomas Oaster, even wrote a booklet laying out his idea of what the day should be, inviting all, including women, to 'join the experience'.

Twenty three years have passed since. International Men's Day has not evolved as much as it should have, but its a step in the right direction. Compared to International Women's Day that took birth a century ago, its still in its infancy.

But in 254 days from now the day will arrive once again. Lets take it upon ourselves to ensure men get the same treatment as we do on Women's Day. Pamper them. Gift them. Celebrate them.

After all, when we speak about equal rights and equal perks, shouldn't we truly live by it.

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