24/12/2014 1:18 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

10 Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

Rukmini Roy

Christmas is knocking on our door and some of us have presentations to complete before we get our battered and hammered self home on Christmas Eve, and obviously, too tired to begin, we leave all hopes of having a home that brims with Christmas spirit. Yes, what a miserable little life we are born into, isn't it? Oh, yes, yes, we understand; come, dolly, shed a tear!

While you can sit and blame your evil boss and sulk all day long as to how tyrannical these people are, we'd rather ask you to go on a date with our super-simple, easy last-minute Christmas decorating ideas that'll effortlessly bring in the Christmas cheer. The choice is yours, these are some pretty awesome hacks and we are so not sulking this Christmas!


Catch Them Unexpected

Tie ribbons or Christmas-themed ornaments in unexpected places to intensify the holiday feel. Back of chairs, vases, doorknobs, candlesticks, mirrors, curtain rods, fish bowl--yes, you can go on! Pick up cheap plastic candy canes from your local store, add a twine or two or go all out with Christmas-ey fabric hearts, like ours! Little touches are your saving grace this Christmas if you are a busy bee.


Wrap A Pillow

Give an ordinary pillow a Christmas update with holiday-theme ribbons or silk scarves. Simply wrap it around the pillow as you would a package or a gift and secure it with a pin. You can hand-stitch a bow on top too and add Christmas bells to it! Look how we did it!


Create A Christmas Ephemera

If you have a centre table or a coffee table, you can easily create a Christmas ephemera or a centrepiece to usher holiday cheer in. Bring out an old tray, bundle in candles, cards, some baubles and a small tree or simply bring in a rustic palette and carelessly place some Christmas ornaments. Add a candle or two. Alternatively, you can display holiday greetings and even pomanders: you'll never fail with a Christmas ephemera.


Dress The Doorknobs

Yes, trust us when we tell you, it looks great. Add a bit of holly to your doorknob for a fun holiday/Christmas touch. Add a satin ribbon, tie a wee sleigh bell and you are done. If you do not have holly or don't want to buy one, just snap some leaves out of any tree and tie them to your door knob with a ribbon. It will look just as pretty.

The Punchbowl Trick

You know what, let them have a drink and all will be fine. They'll forget about how your home looks anyway! But just in case you are not the 'oh-they-will-forget-anyway' type; here's an awesome way to add some Christmas cheer to your home. Fill a large glass bowl with wine/punch/drink of your choice and tie a thick ribbon around it. Add a pine wreath for some fresh swag of holiday greenery.


A Faux Manzanita Branch With Holiday Decor

Get home some bare branches, spray paint them them silver or gold, glue plastic poinsettias and put it on display! Arrange branches in a large urn, a galvanised bucket, a jar or florist's foam. Run a ribbon through the branches or let it free fall on it. They won't be able to guess you did it all under 2 hours.


Baubles And Bells

All you need to add Christmas sparkle in your home is some baubles and bells from your nearest store, strewn around the house! Its Christmas time and quite certainly you will find Christmas tree decorations in those ubiquitous general stores that lace your pavement. Pick a few in silver and gold, add a red ribbon and tie them to your mirrors, kitchen rack, coat hangers, or attach it with a magnet on the fridge. You can use a variety of ribbons (and create double bows too) or use a single colour to unify the display.


Instant Glamour

Need instant Christmas decorating solutions? Bring in old jars, tie some red twine around them and go rustic chic. Alternatively, pick up a cheap stocking and stuff it with newspaper. Add a brooch to the cuff, add a ribbon and a small Christmas ornament...Tada! Hang it over your door, on the curtain rod, from a nail or anywhere you please: it's really, really instant glamour.

Rung The Bells

No time to buy a tree? Let an old ladder mimic the function of a Christmas tree in your art-deco room. Decorate the ladder as you would a Christmas tree and enjoy the reaction. Best part is, this can last all year round with little seasonal changes. Because I personally love the shabby-chic style, I'd give it a coat of powder blue or white before I sing the rung song. You can keep the exposed wood patina for a rustic appeal or colour it silver or gold.


Bring Your White Crockery To Your Mantel

Okay, this cheat is like awesome! I am sure you all have some white plates, glasses and bowls lying around in your home? Well, that's all you'll really need to create a winter wonderland centrepiece. Make a snowy table-scape on your dining table or centre table with all white crockery, some holiday-themed paper towels or napkins and a few Christmas ornaments. Just group them altogether, place baubles in bowls, some bells on top of the glasses and use holiday-themed towels as a backdrop or on the plates. Buy a small tree (again, the ones you'd get for cheap) and add atop the plates. There! Done.