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The Most Effective Workouts, According To Your Sign


We look to our horoscopes for everything from relationship advice to career tips. Why is it, then, that so many 'scopes leave out the topic of fitness? Like any other part of life, your workout can easily feel stagnant if you don't mix it up. The trick is knowing where to start.

Ahead, we've rounded up the best workouts for each sign in the zodiac. If you thought sign compatibility mattered when it comes to dating, just wait. The stars have the perfect workout in store for you -- though what it is might surprise you.

That said, if you prefer another sign's star-prescribed activity, that's totally cool, too. Any astrologer will tell you that variety is key, regardless of your ruling planet.

So lace up your sneakers, grab a water bottle, and click through for your fitness forecast.


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Your workout: A personalized training plan

Let's be honest, Aries -- you don't mind being the center of attention. In fact, you probably prefer it that way. That's why your workout aspirations will be best met with a personal trainer, someone who can devote a full gym session to you and you alone. Rams are also known to get competitive, even to the point of distraction. Some alone time doing your reps might be just what you need.


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Your workout: Cardio-dance classes

Whether it's Zumba, hip-hop, or even pole fitness, you need a workout that feels artful, Taurus. Bulls love the finer things in life, and that can mean a strong preference for form over function. So when it comes to something as functional as exercise, why not find the type with the most form to it? Dance classes are perfect for you, thanks to your naturally flirtatious and sensual nature -- you love putting on a show, even if it's just in front of the studio mirror.


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Your workout: HIIT

Geminis get a bad rap for their, shall we say, mercurial nature (it's their ruling planet, after all). But that's what makes HIIT (high-intensity interval training) perfect for this sign. You love variety and need to keep moving, or else there's a chance you'll get bored and disengage. Stay focused as you cycle through intense reps and short rests -- most workouts are brief enough to keep you engaged while still feeling the burn.


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Your workout: SoulCycle

We suggest SoulCycle, but really any gym with a tribe mentality is right up your alley, Cancer. Crabs are known joiners -- you love surrounding yourself with friends, even if you lead with a tough exterior. The sense of community that studios like SoulCycle breed will satisfy your need to feel supported while encouraging you to push yourself to your limits.



Your workout: CrossFit

Leos are not what we'd call shy. You shoot straight from the hip, and you enjoy being around people who do the same. We're willing to bet more than a few Lions frequent their local CrossFit gyms for this reason. CrossFit's full-body workouts, founded on self-motivation, seem tailor-made to Leos' need to flaunt their abilities.


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Your workout: Barre

One of the zodiac's more critical signs, Virgos thrive on precision and structure. Thus, we recommend barre classes unequivocally. Barre's emphasis on form and technique is perfect for you, Virgo. It's an added bonus that the use of repetition will scratch that perfectionist itch of yours, too.


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Your workout: Kickboxing or MMA

Though you may not seem like it, you're a natural-born fighter, Libra. As gentle and sweet as you often are outside of the gym, nothing feels better to you than letting your aggressive side show during a workout. You're the sign of the scales, after all, so finding that balance is key. Give a kickboxing class a try if you haven't yet, or, if you're ready for something with more contact, find a mixed-martial-arts studio near you.


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Your workout: Endurance running or marathon training

Scorpios tend to exude a quiet kind of power, even when they don't mean to. This just-below-the-surface intensity comes in handy when you're working out -- you perform best when you have a major goal in mind, so why not shoot for the stars and train for a marathon? Any kind of endurance running, actually, is a great fit for your focused (some might say obsessive) nature, Scorp.


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Your workout: Rock-climbing

With their naturally outgoing, positive outlook, Sagittariuses adore adventure. Any workout that comes with a chance of thrills is ideal for you, Sag, which brings us to rock-climbing. You get the benefits of a full-body workout while getting out of your comfort zone. And, as any climber will attest, the welcoming vibe of any indoor climbing gym is perfect for your social nature.


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Your workout: Ironman or Tough Mudder

Old-soul Capricorns may not think something as trendy as an Ironman or Tough Mudder race would be their style, but think again. Training for a hardcore, all-in race will totally appeal to self-disciplined Goats. If you love one thing, it's seeing your hard work pay off, and completing a Tough Mudder will prove once and for all that you can work your butt off and still have fun.


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Your workout: Recreational team sports

Aquarius, you're the rare sign that's a total original and a team player. Join a team for a recreational sport (Ultimate frisbee, kickball, take your pick) and satisfy both sides of your persona. You'll love showing off your signature skills while building up your teammates -- and your tiny competitive streak will thank you, too.


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Your workout: Yoga

You need to feel connected to your body and soul, Pisces, which makes yoga a no-brainer for you. There are so many ways to ease into yoga -- you can just as easily start with the spiritual side of the practice as the athletic. A yoga class is also the perfect time to unwind and decompress, and as a highly empathetic sign, you need all the unwinding you can get. Vulnerable Fish will feel a major release when they leave their worries behind on the mat.

By: Sara Coughlin.