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16 Possible Giveaways In The Season 6 Trailer Of 'Game Of Thrones'

HBO finally released the trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 just a month before it's due to begin. I found that there are a lot of interesting things hidden in the trailer, pointing to how the season will unfold.


HBO finally released the trailer for Game of Thrones season 6 just a month before it's due to begin. I found that there are a lot of interesting things hidden in the trailer, pointing to how the season will unfold. It is to be noted that this will be the first season which will go beyond the books. So we will have to rely on the various things we know that might happen, along with news that we received while the shooting for the season was underway.

1. Jon Snow is dead... for the time being

The trailer starts off from where the last season ended and Jon Snow is still lying on the ground motionless and dead. So there seems to be no dramatic scene where we can expect him being saved by Ser Davos or Melisandre or anyone else. We also hear the voice of Ser Davos saying, "He's gone," which means Jon Snow is officially dead!

2. Jaime returns to King's Landing with the body of Myrcella

A ship belonging to House Martell is seen returning to King's Landing. This has to be Jaime Lannister coming back with the body of his daughter Myrcella who was poisoned during the season 5 finale. We are certain that Myrcella is dead because HBO had recently released the first pictures from season 6, which included a picture of the dead body of Myrcella.

We also see the grieving parents and Jaime promises Cersei, "Everything they've taken from us we're going to take back, and more". Things don't look good for the Martells in season 6 as we know that you don't mess with Cersei and Jaime, especially when they want to take revenge.

3. Jon Snow is still dead

We see Ser Davos looking at a pyre. Now we can't exactly tell for whom it is intended but going from what we have seen in the trailer so far, it might be for Jon Snow, to ensure that he doesn't turn into a wight but it can mean something else too. We will have to wait and watch.

4. The Boltons go to war

We can see the burning body of a flayed man on a cross with lots of soldiers in the background. This can't be the work of anyone else but the Boltons. A big war seems to be approaching, which we can see in the later parts of the trailer. It might be a war between the Boltons and other Northerners, who are joined by the Wildlings. Here are some of the scenes in the latter part of the trailer.

If you check the above image carefully, you will see Tormund Giantsbane is surrounded by Bolton shields. So this confirms that Boltons and the Wildlings are involved in the battle.

5. Ser Jorah and Daario are close to finding Daenerys

In the last season, Ser Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis left Meereen to find Daenerys. They seem to have successfully tracked down the place where Daenerys came across the Dothraki warriors. Ser Jorah also finds the ring that Daenerys had dropped in the season 5 finale.

6. Daenerys is captured and taken to Vaes Dothrak

Daenerys doesn't seem to be happy while walking with the Dothraki, which indicates that she is being taken against her will. We also see her looking at a huge statue of a horse, which might mean that she has arrived in Vaes Dothrak, which is the only city of the Dothraki people.

7. Kingsmoot!

Finally after a long hiatus we are going to visit the Iron Islands. It seems that we are seeing the Kingmoot in the scene. For those who don't know, it is a ceremony in which the Iron Islanders choose their next king. We also see Euron Greyjoy in the second image who is played by the Danish actor Pilou Asbæk.

An important thing to be noted here is that in the books Balon Greyjoy, the Lord of the Iron Islands, is already dead but there hasn't been any mention of his death in the TV series. So the Kingsmoot confirms that Balon Greyjoy has died and a new king is on his way in.

Also, a rope bridge is an important part of an incident that involves Balon Greyjoy and in the trailer we can see Euron Greyjoy on a rope bridge. So the show creators are trying to indicate something. The book readers might understand what I am saying.

8. Theon and Sansa seem to escape the Boltons with the help of Brienne

In the season 5 finale we saw Theon and Sansa jumping from the walls of Winterfell and in the trailer we come across Sansa standing in a hall with a chandelier in the background. This might mean that she has successfully managed to escape and taken shelter with some ally of the Starks or it might also mean that she is in Castle Black. We don't know for sure right now.

However in the trailer we can see that Theon has been surrounded by soldiers, most probably Bolton soldiers and we can see Sansa running away in another scene. So we suppose she is running away from the soldiers while Theon is surrounded by them. In the trailer we can see Brienne killing a soldier.

In the season finale, Brienne was in the forest near Winterfell where she killed Stannis. So there's a good chance that she comes across Theon and Sansa and saves them from the Bolton soldiers and takes them to some safe place. I feel that she will take them to Castle Black as she knows that Jon Snow is at the Wall but she must not have any idea that he was stabbed by the brothers of the Night's Watch.

We also see Littlefinger in a forest but we have no idea how he could be related to the scene at the moment.

9. Ser Robert Strong vs. the Sparrows

Cersei's walk of shame only ensured that she could go back to the Red Keep and that she wasn't completely off the hook; in the trailer we can see Lancel and other sparrows coming back for Cersei but they don't know that she has Ser Robert Strong aka Mountain-stein or Franken-mountain on her side. Foolish Lancel tells Cersei to order her man to step aside or there will be violence and Cersei responds by saying, "I choose violence."

It's not going to end well for the Sparrows. No way!

10. Ned Stark is back!

No, Ned Stark is not going to be resurrected but we definitely are going to see some flashbacks. We are going to see the Tower of Joy flashback, where Ned Stark and Ser Arthur Dayne fight and eventually Ned finds his sister Lyanna. This scene is important as many believe it will give us information about Jon Snow's parents.

11. Arya Stark goes the Daredevil way

In the last season we saw that Arya Stark had become blind and that is reinforced in this trailer. However as we can see in the second image that she still manages to do incredible stunts. So either Arya might get back her eyesight or she has the ability like Daredevil to see even though she is blind.

12. Margaery makes a deal with the High Sparrow

Cersei Lannister managed to get free from the clutches of the Sparrows in the last season but Margaery and her brother Loras are still in prison. There have been reports that in this season Margaery joins the Faith Militant to free herself.

13. Things go from bad to worse in Meereen

In season 5 things weren't looking good in Meereen as the Sons of the Harpy almost managed to kill Daenerys. In the trailer we can see Queen's chambers being blown apart. Tyrion seems to be having a tough time trying to contain the Sons of the Harpy.

14. Melisandre might try to resurrect Jon Snow

Melisandre starts undressing and then she places her hand on Jon Snow's head. This must mean that Melisandre is trying to resurrect Jon Snow. Whenever we have seen Melisandre undressing, it always had to do something with magic and there's a good chance that she tries to use the power of the Lord of Light to resurrect Jon Snow.

In the trailer we see Ser Davos taking the Longclaw in his hand and threatening people in front of Jon Snow's body. We guess that he makes sure that the brothers of the Night's Watch don't burn Jon Snow's body and in the 4th image we can see that people of the Night's Watch are trying to break down a door, while Ser Alliser Throne is standing behind. This might mean that Ser Davos is trying to protect Jon Snow from the Night's Watch so that Melisandre can resurrect him.

15. Bran Stark meets the Night's King

For me this is one of the best scenes from the trailer. Bran Stark is standing next to the Night's King. It is important to note that Bran is standing. So this is a vision and we have to admit that the Three Eyed Raven has taught Bran well. This might mean that we will get to know more details about the Night's King and the White Walkers.

16. Jon Snow might be alive!

Take a look at the image carefully. The person on the horse looks like Kit Harington. So that must mean that Jon Snow is alive and what we said in point 14 is true. Also this will also mean that there's a high chance that Sansa reaches Castle Black. Scroll up and check point 8. Jon Snow or Jon Stark or whatever he might be called after being resurrected might rally the Northerners and the Wildlings and attack the Boltons.

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