29/05/2015 8:29 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

6 Smart Technologies To Make Indian Homes Smarter

Jasper James via Getty Images

This is the year of the Internet of Things -- the idea that everyday objects will use sensors and internet to think and act independently. Consider the scenario - a device that keeps your house at just the right temperature, a mirror that lets you watch the morning news as you brush your teeth or a coffee table that doubles up as an entertainment system. The concept of a "smart home" is all the rage and you can hop on to the bandwagon today -- all you need are a healthy bank balance and a few cutting-edge gadgets.

Although, the market is overwhelmed with many such options, here are some that hit a high note above the noise.

1. Panasonic Nubo

Meet Panasonic's "Dropcam killer" -- the first 4G-connected home surveillance camera - Nubo. With this you can your home without a wi-fi connection. This device can be useful particularly in an outdoor setting where there is no home network connection. Place it anywhere to keep an eye on naughty teens, nimble-fingered staff and restless pets even when you're not home.

2. Miele Rotary Iron B 995 D

Ironing and tedium do not have to be synonymous. The 83cm roller of this foldable steam iron is designed so that the hardest work you need to do is push on a foot pedal. Once you do so, your item of clothing gets pulled into the roller, which then presses in the creases and pushes out the wrinkles. The iron has three heat settings and five roller speeds that can be adjusted to suit your fabric. Enjoy ironing!

3. Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat, a true blend of tech and design, has generated plenty of online buzz. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, the HVAC thermostat quickly gets to know your family's schedule and programmes itself accordingly. It can also be connected to your wifi and can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Throughout the day, it makes countless tiny adjustments that maximise the efficiency of your HVAC system. It can significantly lower the energy consumption of your home over time.

4. SMART Coffee Table

It sounds like a slightly insane fantasy: a coffee table that enables you to control your home, amuse your guests and surf the internet. Samsung's SUR40 Microsoft PixelSense is just that. This smart technology enables your guests to watch TV, helps you to control smart appliances and more. It is an interactive surface computing platform that allows one or more people to use touch and real world objects, and share digital content at the same time.

5. AD Notam Bathroom Mirror LED

This mirror doubles up as an LCD Screen, allowing you to watch your favourite soap or a live cricket match even when you are shaving or bathing. The elegantly designed 22-inch TFT LCD is integrated into a mirror. It is fully customisable in terms of dimensions, mirror type, monitor size and features. The mirror panel comes with a small TFT screen which becomes almost invisible when turned off. You only need a power cable and the content can be easily streamed wirelessly from any multimedia source.

6. Samsung WF457 Washer and Dryer

Let your clothes get clean and smart (literally) with this wi-fi enabled washing machine. Control the entire process without even touching the machine. This smart washing machine by Samsung allows the user to monitor cycle selections, remotely start or pause the washer, and get alerts when the job is done through a wireless router and a smart phone application. Feel blessed, all you busy parents out there!

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