30/06/2015 8:20 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

To Like Or Not To Like

Among the great features, I quite like the Like button. It would be nice to have it in real life and not respond just press it diplomatically.

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Once upon a time, the phenomenon named Mark Z, who paid more attention to doing things outside the classroom than inside one at an Ivy-League School, came up with an idea called Facebook. The term social networking came later. Initially it was to connect people in his B-School. The phenomenon spread like wildfire and got millions of people hooked onto the bandwagon of status updates, picture upload, groups, lists and other mumbo jumbo. Welcome to the world of brazen displays, loud opinions, 24X7 addiction and wasteful productivity. Yes, some workplaces have banned access and heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Facebook did not sit tight on its triumphs that includes over 800 million subscribers; it kept coming back with changes. These changes on FB profiles were almost always resented and rejected with gusto initially. People formed groups - bring the old FB back, we don't want timelines - but soon felt it easier to conform and move on. Among the great features, I quite like the Like button. It would be nice to have it in real life and not respond just press it diplomatically. Like sits demurely on status updates, for pictures as well as for individual comments.

Here is what I have worked tirelessly upon in my faltu time as a short bulleted list which is your Dummies for Like. This is when we must Like something:

  • If it comes from a female.
  • When the status update seems too long to read or too difficult to comprehend.
  • When I see so many of my friends liking it, I click like by default.
  • When I can't make out why it is written or which language it is written in.
  • When I feel that I will be judged adversely if I don't like the picture or status, after all everyone else in my group has already liked it.
  • When I don't want to say how ghastly you look to your face.
  • When I seriously don't know what the fuss is about.
  • When no one has seen my post or pic, I press like on it so that it comes up in your TL. How dare you ignore it!
  • Damn! I want to show that I opened that intellectual link or video and appreciated it when I had no time to do so.
  • When I see a quote attributed to people who are turning in their graves wondering why their name is being attached to something you just pulled out of your ass.
  • When there is no dislike button.
  • Like when you want to acknowledge that you've been there and seen that.
  • Like without questions asked when it is a pet or a baby picture.
  • When you actually like something by the virtue of it being nice, funny or beautiful!
  • Whenever in doubt, click Like :)!

Yep, that's right! That's exactly how you do it!

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