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How Facial Paralysis Freed My Mind

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One day 14 years ago, I woke up to find that my face was paralysed. My mouth was touching my right ear. I could not speak or eat with any dignity.

The doctors said I had Bell's palsy. They gave no clinical reasons why. I was a healthy 24-year-old girl. Never smoked and did not drink. Was super-healthy and exercised every day.

I suffered two days of utmost misery. But by the third day I decided, "Enough". I was going to rise like a Phoenix. How? Because I had time to remain still and think!

What has speed will always lack depth. That was my life then. A reigning pop-star. Living out of suitcases. Awards, shoots and all the shenanigans that come with it. I won't deny that it was fabulous, but at the same time I lacked mindfulness in my life. I lacked knowledge of the ancient wisdom that our thoughts are magnets to experiences.

Whether it is a love affair, a live concert, an illness or a burglary, I have attracted it into my life, with my perceptions and emotions. Each moment and each emotion is a pull, bringing me matching happenstance or 'twists of fate'.

Yes, I see you raise your eyebrows: 'Are you telling me I attracted that bankruptcy, that divorce, that accident or that cancer?" Yes you did and yes we all do.

So the easiest way to decipher this paradox of 'confusion and great clarity' is to ask yourself how you would feel if something negative happened. How would an accident make me feel? How would being paralysed in my face make me feel? 'Unable to express myself', 'claustrophobic', 'embarrassed to speak.' Were these my underlying emotions, months or years before the incident? Absolutely yes!

So you could be attracting a burglary if you are always fearful of losing material goods. A divorce if you treat yourself miserably. More bad men if you constantly berate yourself for your past with Mr. Fatal Attraction.

I nosedived into this philosophy as I lay in bed. I combed through words from 'Silva Mind Method', 'Ask and it is Given', 'Chicken Soup for the Soul', 'Your Erroneous Zones', 'You can Heal your life'.

"But by the third day I decided, "Enough". I was going to rise like a Phoenix."

Reaching into my soul with guidance from these sources gave me deeper insights than you can imagine. I learned that it is not enough to just be positive, but to muster up complete love and acceptance of each person you meet and each occurrence you experience. So now, no one is ever to blame, and most importantly you are not to blame yourself either.

Does that make you complacent? A pushover? A doormat? Not at all. We are all scientific beings with a phenomenal super-advanced body. The more we nourish our minds and brains with positive possibilities and visions for the future, the more the occurrence of 'good alchemy' in our bodies. We actually become more aligned, more energetic, more vibrant and absolutely attractive! That's the beauty of the chemical 'Love'.

This is not a new-age viewpoint but something our ancestors did effortlessly in ancient times. Women would affirm positive thoughts even to the baby in their womb. Modern studies now back this practice - babies do listen and learn before they see the first light of day.

Today is a great day to be alive, when our religious traditions can match scientific evidence. So mindfulness is not about introducing you to a new idea but re-introducing you to your roots.

No more victimhood or being pulled down by naysayers. You are in the driving seat and it does not matter if you have an Aston Martin or a rusty Premier Padmini! The greatest GPS is your mind and it's waiting for you to set the greatest destination of your dreams. It's time to return to innocence!

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