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10 Innovative Dishes For Your Next Iftar Party

While traditional Iftar treats continue to woo our taste buds, it is perhaps time to try out something different. Here are 10 innovative dishes that you can whip up in your kitchen for your next Iftar get-together.

Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Motley spreads of fresh cut mangoes and melons, mounds of succulent dates, smoking hot fritters wrapped in oil-stained newspaper thongas, refreshing glasses of kesar-tinted sharbat chockfull with flakes of almond and pistachio, chunks of spiced meat grilling on a charcoal fire, luscious bowls of Haleem topped with finely chopped coriander and a generous squeeze of lime and plates heaped with imartis and jalebis dripping that saffron-tinted syrup - Iftar spreads are all about delicious excesses. And while traditional Iftar treats continue to woo our taste buds, it is perhaps time to try out something different. Here are 10 innovative dishes that you can whip up in your kitchen for your next Iftar get-together. These are bound to impress your friends and family.

Egg-dunked Chicken Sandwiches

A thick layer of creamy minced chicken spiced with nutmeg, black pepper and garlic, is spread between two slices of generously-buttered soft, white bread. The sandwich is then dunked in an egg batter and shallow fried to gorgeous golden goodness.

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Meat-stuffed Tandoori Potatoes

In this dish par-cooked potatoes are stuffed with a sweet and spicy minced meat stuffing, dipped and rolled in a piquant curd-based marinade and then char-grilled or roasted in the oven. Finish it off with a sprinkle of chaat masala. Serve hot.

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Caramel Kofta

A family heirloom - spicy lamb koftas studded with raisins, poached in a sweet and aromatic caramel jus infused with juices from the meat and the spices. Serve them on their own, with bread or some pilaf rice; you simply can't have enough of these.

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Prawn parathas

Stuffed parathas are great anytime of the year, and it is bound to be a great addition to your Iftar spread. But not just the usual stuffed parathas. Instead, try this prawn paratha - minced prawn tossed with garlic, herbs and chilli flakes between layers of crisp, flaky paratha. This one is almost reminiscent of a savoury prawn tart, only it's paratha and it's desi.

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Chili Honey Fish bites

Fried fish fillet tossed in a sticky honey and chilli sauce, topped with a generous sprinkling of sesame seeds. These chunks of moist, flaky fish laced in a sticky, hot and sweet sauce make for an excellent appetizer.

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Gambas pil pil

Another delightful preparation, extremely simple too, only this is Spanish. Sizzling prawns in a garlicky concoction of butter and olive oil, finished off with coarsely chopped fresh parsley, best cooked and served in clay pots. With some crusty bread on the side, this dish could easily be the highlight of your Iftar spread.

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Chicken and Prunes Kebab

If you must insist on kebabs, try these. Melt-in-the-mouth spicy, char-grilled chicken stuffed with dried prunes - these kebabs comfort you with a sense of familiarity and yet surprise you with bursts of sweet and tart deliciousness from the prunes.

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Fruit & Nut Baked fish

What is an Iftar spread without dry fruits - cashew nuts, almonds, raisins and pistachio? This baked fish comes with a delightful crust made of nuts and raisins - a winning recipe. Serve it with sweet and spicy chilli date chutney or sweet pickles.

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Doi Mishti Cupcake

Time for desserts, and this is one innovative dessert - a layer of saffron-infused, sweetened cottage cheese topped with a layer of sweet yoghurt, baked in cup cake moulds. Finally, garnished with saffron strands and almond flakes. This one is bound to impress your sweet tooth.

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Buttermilk Pudding

A refreshing, no-bake pudding made with buttermilk and cream - of Dutch origin. Silky smooth, luscious, sweet with a hint of tangy, this pudding served chilled with fresh fruits or a fruit based sauce or coulis is the perfect ending for a gorgeous Iftar spread. Strawberries and cherries go especially well.

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