22/09/2016 7:49 PM IST | Updated 11/12/2018 12:27 PM IST

A Perfect Date In New York

Amidst all the chaos of Tinder and when everyone seems to losing hope in the happily-ever-after (just look at Brad and Angelina... we thought they were the real thing), here I am in New York, still clinging on to the hope that love actually does exist.

I remember walking in the West Village on those first few days of spring. The time when the sun gently bathes the alleys and casts a golden-pink hue on everything it touches. Then there's running in Central Park—the best way to experience the trees wake up after a long winter night. There's the long stroll down the Highline at sunset, so much better than taking a cab. All these experiences made me realize how something as simple as a walk can give so much pleasure. Walking makes me fall in love with New York again, to feel its heartbeat.

I am going to show you my New York on foot—and my vision of a perfect date.

New York

I am waiting outside her brownstone house to pick her up. We ran into each other a few weeks ago. She spilled coffee all over my new suit and then one thing led to the other and here we are on our first date.

I am taking her to Central Park. Starting at the gate near Columbus Circle we walk uptown to Strawberry Fields. Unlike the vast, clear expanses parks like this usually have, Strawberry Field is a more private and cosy meadow. I am carrying a picnic with us. Lying on the grass, we watch the sun slowly brighten the sky. We haven't really said much yet. There is this feeling when you want to say a lot but you are too shy. So a little small talk here and there, in between bites. We later take a stroll in the morning light over and under ivy-covered bridges to Bethesda Fountain, then down the Mall to the Pond and exit onto 5th Avenue.

I had to. She likes to shop...A girl might have to think twice if Statue of Liberty is indeed in New York but she sure does know there is a 5th Avenue.

"I can't afford a Bergdorf yet but someday my dear I will bring you here," I whisper in her ear. She smiles. I know she is not judging me. She holds my hand tightly. That says it all.

After shopping for her evening outfit we spend a lazy afternoon in Bryant Park, talking nonstop, before walking west to catch the Highline. The Highline is unlike any other park I have visited. It's versatile, historic yet contemporary, and a sunset stroll down here is the perfect first date. As the sun shifts west, I notice that she feels a little cold in the winter breeze. I wrap my varsity jacket around her. For a moment we look into each other's eyes...there is definitely something right here, we both can feel it.

As night falls we get off at Meatpacking for drinks, dinner and a night of partying with the best in New York. We sneak into a karaoke club and I sing "Dance with me tonight" by Olly Murs. I can see the happiness in her eyes. She knows I mean it. We then dance all through the night with the most vibrant of New York's blues and jazz.

This wasn't going to stop here of course. Neither of us wants to call it a night. We are tired, but it's worth it, just being with each other. The sun is just round the corner, you can see the faint blue at the end of the sky. We decide to walk to the Lower East Side, towards the river.

New York