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Memory In Images

Paul Fernandes

Many of these drawings are an effort to recall a slower, simpler time. A time when many cantonment towns and cities in India experienced a delightful transitional period post independence, revelling in old-fashioned good manners and numerous other colonial lifestyles. A walk down memory lane to fondly reminisce a gentle, laid-back city life, a time when people walked everywhere and stopped to wish one another, a place where tongas (horse-drawn vehicles) were summoned for long journeys and riding a cycle minus an oil lamp was serious crime.

I had the fortune of spending many of my growing up years in some of these settings. In these drawings you will recognise well-known landmarks -- from schools and colleges to churches and theatres, bars and restaurants to tree-lined shaded avenues and graceful monkey-topped bungalows -- all remembered with a touch of lighthearted humour.

The selection of drawings that follow try to illustrate the above setting.


In Bangalore

Coffee House: Many coffee house regulars preferred the no-rush atmosphere of 'upstairs service'. It seemed to be an unwritten law that it was the lot of younger, trimmer waiters to make countless trips from the kitchen to the top floor, balancing trays of hot dosas, omelettes and coffee.


Russell Market: Enthusiastic, smiling vendors shouted out to a steady stream of shoppers eternally in search of a bargain. This wonderfully messy, chaotic place, full of assorted smells and sounds, made for a great family outing and adventure.


Shivajinagar: It was here that you could get the first cup of tea at the break of dawn... or the last dinner at the break of dawn. Shivajinagar was a beehive of activity 24/7.

In Mumbai

A series of paintings and drawings recalling a few glorious years in the late seventies and early eighties spent in iconic and buzzing South Bombay.




In Goa

A series of drawings that try to capture the life and times of a laid-back, happy and contented Goa from a time that is changing with alarming speed.




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