18/09/2015 8:26 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Weight Loss Success Is A Lot Like Masturbation

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I used to work out without a fan or an AC.

It was a time when I thought working out must be hard or it didn't count. So, I took steps to make it as uncomfortable and as difficult as possible.

I told myself that I was weak and a sissy for wanting to be comfortable and for craving the easier path.

Motivational videos, posters in the gym and movies like Bhaag Milkha Bhaagand Rocky, reaffirmed my faith that I was a weakling.

I remember the countless people who felt "inspired" after watching Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and decided to crush it in the gym, from the next day. I did too -- for about a week.

Losing weight in itself isn't easy and the obsession with making things harder to feel worthy can contribute to a lot of frustration over time and may eventually lead you to giving up on your fitness goals.

You have to fight hunger, remind your friends for the hundredth time that you don't want to eat the treats on the table, and listen to relatives (diverging from their favourite topics of your job and marriage) to lecture you that you should take a break and enjoy food every now and then. All this, while hiding from the trainer who is trying to sell you the supplement that will solve all your problems and ignoring unsolicited fitness advice from folks who have set up camp in front of the mirror.

These things will happen, but the difference is, you don't have to make the situation any more difficult than it is already.

Success in the gym is a lot like masturbation.

The more you obsess about the output and stress yourself over getting to your goal, the harder it will be to get the desired output. Even if you do, it just won't feel right.

However, on the other "hand", if you just let go and enjoy yourself, not only will you get the output you desperately covet, but also have so much fun in the process.

Note: I feel compelled to share that no research whatsoever was done in coming to this conclusion, especially after the recent attempt to ban certain pleasures.

There's no rule that you should only follow a particular exercise routine and there's no one formula to achieve your general fitness goals. The best routine is one that you can actually stick to.

Start with whatever you like doing and keep improvising as you learn more about health and nutrition.

You could spend lakhs of rupees trying to figure out the best exercise program, but what good is it if you cannot follow it?

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