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The A To Z Of A Fulfilled Life

As I revisited the ABCD to teach my baby, I could not help but wonder if there was an alphabetic code for life as well. This is my attempt to discover the ABCD of life, as I see it, as I know it, as I understand it.

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When I was born, I did not know what ABCD meant. Thanks to my parents and teachers, I slowly learned A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat, D for Dog and ended with Z for Zebra. A few years ago came the technology boom and a fresh alphabet: A for Apple, B for Bluetooth, C for Chat, D for Download, ending with Z for Zorpia. And then I became a mother. As I revisited the ABCD to teach my baby, I could not help but wonder if there was an alphabetic code life as well.

This is my attempt to discover the ABCD of life, as I see it, as I know it, as I understand it.

Awareness, acceptance and appreciation are the most important dimensions for a fulfilling life.

Balance is the key to satisfaction and longevity. We need balance for ever realm of our lives -- physical, emotional, intellectual, social, financial and spiritual.

Creativity in everyday life is important. Invest in what makes the creative juices flow!

Dreams are what keep you awake at night, and compel you to out of bed each morning. Dare to dream, keep those dreams alive, strive to make those dreams come true. Then dream new dreams.

Excellence should be your aim in all the things that matter to you. It makes all the difference.

Family and friends are the most important relationships in life. Invest in them! Choose your friends wisely as they can change the contours of your life! Good food and a little fun also matter in the long run.

Goals should be clear and strong if you're serious about achieving them. Goals have to personal and relevant to you!

Habits -- if you break life down into behaviours, it is a collection of habits. So invest wisely in good daily habits, weekly habits, monthly habits, quarterly habits and yearly habits.

"I" is one of the most powerful words you'll ever know and use. It can make or break you. Keep a check on the big "I" and fuel the little "i" - it can change your life.

Judge less. It can be the easiest way to simplify your life and your reality.

Kindness. The world needs much more of it, so do your part.

Learn, love, live, let live and laugh. It's all good and worth it!

Money is essential and important in the journey of life. Work to earn it, be grateful for all that you have, spend a little, share a little with the less fortunate, save a lot, and invest wisely.

Never say never. Things change. People change. Situations change. You change. It's all a part of the cosmos. Embrace change.

Open your mind to deal with all that life throws at you. The more diverse your experiences, the richer your life.

Passion and purpose are vital. Make efforts to discover them. Positivity and perseverance matter too.

Questions -- ask the right ones to the right people. Accept that you can't possibly know everything there is to know.

Respect yourself and others. This will reflect in your everyday words, thoughts and actions. The respect you get back in life depends on this.

Silence is golden. Learn to appreciate the value of silence, and find the beauty and music in it.

Time is your most precious asset. Value it and treasure it.

Understanding in the truest sense of the word comes from knowledge, experience and internalisation. Make an effort to truly understand things that matter to you.

Value yourself, your thoughts, emotions, experiences, people and life.

Wisdom comes with age and experience. So live life and experience it. Age will catch up with you anyway!

X-factor -- keep this alive always! It's what makes you unique and special.

You. You are your own best ally. Believe in yourself.

Zeal, zest and zing can make your life happy and complete.

How does the ABCD of your life read? Leave a comment to let me know!

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