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Suriya had released a statement on Sunday slamming the holding of NEET exam, after three aspirants registered for the exam died by suicide.
Contrary to popular opinion, Mani Ratnam's ideology seems to have more similarities with the Hindutva politics of RSS, BJP and other right-wing organisations of the Sangh Parivar than anything else.
The Tamil music legend has long faced flak for not taking ownership of his Bahujan roots, and for becoming ‘Brahminised’.
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The actor had announced his desire to take the plunge into politics in December 2017.
Darbar is extremely problematic in how it normalizes and even romanticizes encounter killings
Regional movies that pushed boundaries and dared to be different.
Neither Tamannaah nor Aishwarya Lekshmi have much to do in this poorly written film.
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Telangana filmmaker Nandi Chinni Kumar says ‘Bigil’ has ‘striking similarities’ with the life story of a slum football player called Akhilesh Paul, whose biopic rights he had bought.