25/07/2016 2:19 PM IST | Updated 25/07/2016 3:16 PM IST

Heritage Transport Museum, Gurgaon: Steer The Kids Here For A Fun Day Out [Review]


If you are a family of vehicle enthusiasts and happen to be in the Delhi-NCR region, then zoom straight over to Heritage Transport Museum. Located about 40km from Gurgaon, this stunning and well-maintained museum is a goldmine for transit junkies – you'll see an eclectic collection of vintage cars (from Impalas to Pontiacs), hand carts, palanquins, boats, a train compartment, Pakistani truck-art by famous artist Anjum Rana and even a bi-plane. Built on a 3-acre complex, the museum is spread over four air-conditioned floors where you'll find 100,000 square feet of exhibition space, a library and reference centre, a mini auditorium, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria.








Take your kids on a walk through time and explore the history of transport in India, although I wish they'd made the experience a little more interactive. There are lots of vintage cars, buses, mini Vespas to see, but the kids can't really clamber onto them or touch tem which can make little ones a bit cranky. Now, while the exhibits are better off without sticky fingers on them, I think the museum could benefit from an area where vehicle-themed activities are available for kids. Yes, painting, pottery and horse/camel rides are on offer in the premises, but they can do that stuff anywhere, right?


Finding the place was a little taxing for us as it is a bit far from Gurgaon, and the GPS showed two approaches-- via Sohna or NH8. I recommend NH8; GITM College is a good landmark. The museum itself is in the middle of nowhere so that made it a nice little road trip for us.


  • It felt great to visit a museum like this in India with great exhibits, informative displays and without any jostling for space.
  • The cafeteria is running but the menu is very limited (pasta, popcorn and Yippee noodles are not my thing).
  • One can spend 3-4 hours easily exploring the museum.
  • The souvenirs are expensive as all the cars and trucks are designed and decorated by famous artist Anjum Rana. However, it's worth paying for if you are into that kind of stuff.
  • The entire place is accessible by stroller and wheelchair.


Highly recommended.

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