25/03/2015 8:26 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Finally A Path For The Mountain Man's People

Fifty-five years ago, Bihar's Mountain Man Dashrath Manjhi broke through a 300-ft mountain that blocked his community's access to doctors, schools and jobs in the nearest town. But it was not quite enough. To this day, Manjhi's people in Gehlour are poor and have no access to jobs.

"This is not for lack of trying," says Vinobaji, Manjhi's friend, a freedom fighter and social worker who oversees the local school and shares Manjhi's dream of progress. "Gehlour's people belong to the backward artisan and Musahar labourer communities. To progress, they need education followed by employment, and there are few office jobs in these remote areas. But there is another way."

Watch the video for Dashrath Manjhi's inspiring story and how an employment training school is finally set to bring his people the progress he hoped for.

Unwilling to wait for the government to solve their problems, Vinobaji has donated his own land to set up a residential employment training school for the youth of Gehlour. "Their ancestors were the best traditional artisans in the region. We can train them to create their indigenous art and sell it on the global market. We can equip them to work as skilled labour, like electricians or mechanics, in the towns," he shares.

Now, he hopes to rally supporters and funding for this school, which will empower Gehlour's youth to chart their own progress, build their own opportunities and access better paying jobs.