10/11/2016 3:30 PM IST | Updated 12/11/2016 9:40 AM IST

The Importance of Tolerating Trump

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

2016: It's been a great year. I quit my job to follow my passion, travelled around the world, and attended a mind-blowing Coldplay concert in London. Just kidding!

2016: It's been a path breaking year for many countries. We saw the UK vote to opt out of the European Union. We saw President elect Donald Trump cross the required 270 votes by a mile.

What does this tell us? There can be a few explanations:

a) Aliens are on the planet and are playing havoc with our minds.

b) The world's a stage and Karan Johar's the director.

c) People are fed up of false government promises and can't be fooled anymore.

I was in London when the Brexit results were announced. Everyone was shocked, enraged mails were flying around, social media was overflowing with rants, arguments and jokes. Yes it was a shock, but only for those professionals, businesspeople and new white collars that chose to ignore a whole other segment of fellow residents who were voting to safeguard their present. My personal view is that it was a risky step—after all haven't folk stories told us five fingers are stronger than one—but like two sides of a coin, neither side is fully right or fully wrong.

This is Trump's hour of learning. Let's give him that.

And that's what gets me to the point of worry—are we as people slowly forgetting to be tolerant? Tolerant of another person's view, another person's policy, another person's vision? Yes, we have found our voice, yes we choose to exercise it, yes we think we are right, but that doesn't mean the other person is wrong. They are just different. And that's what we do not celebrate anymore, the diversity of voice.

Take this week's examples. Donald Trump won the elections fair and square, people came out and voted for a change. Are we turning a blind eye to the millions of non-metro Americans who are making their voice felt and voting for the better life, better employment that Trump promises, only because we don't like the man ourselves?

Could this be a fatal decision for the world economy? Maybe.

Could this be the end of a peaceful world? Maybe.

Could this be the lowest moment in world politics? Maybe.

But it's what some Americans have chosen, and the others have to respect it.

I, for one, am not a Trump fan—I think he lacks many things that are crucial to be a leader, but I also think with great power comes great responsibility

This is Trump's hour of learning . Let's give him that.

Or before we know it, this growing tsunami of polarization will forever divide our homes and lives.