29/12/2014 12:50 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

Good Morning India

Good Morning India.

On a morning when India changed goal posts and runs on a treadmill:

From the festivities of Christmas

to mock drills in good governance

From anti-national Mahatma's Martyrs day

to patriot Godse's Shaurya Diwas

From black money in Swiss banks

to looting and scooting from Indian banks

From corruption through social schemes

to crony capitalism for development

From dealing with silence

to dealing with bhashans

From Sanjay Dutt out on bail

to Maruti workers still in jail

From demanding accountability of leaders

to preaching responsibility to people

From aspiring to clean up politics

to executing cleaning up our roads

From talking of what PM must do

to preaching what people must do

From an agenda of development

to an agenda for conversions

From criticising lack of legislation

to governing through ordinance

From oil price hike to cut subsidies

to oil price hike imposed by excise

From a dollar that should fall steep

to a dollar climb up that is a mystery

From dealing with silence

to dealing with monologues

From coalition compulsions drama

to elected but silenced panchnama

From intolerance of majority

to intolerance towards minority

India has moved. And so have the goal posts.

Good morning my new, moving on a treadmill, India!!