14/01/2016 1:15 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Designing The Perfect Smile

Carlo Alberto Danna via Getty Images

What do you notice first in the face of any person when you meet them -- the eyes, the nose or the smile? Undoubtedly, it's the smile which sets the tone for any relationship and it's our ultimate disarming weapon. But not everyone is born with a perfect smile.

Fortunately, the latest developments in dentistry allow us to "design" the perfect smile. Immense research has gone into what makes a lovely grin (it's not Just well aligned teeth!) and with the help of 3D imaging software it's possible to achieve great results.

A smile makeover usually involves cosmetic reconstruction of the front teeth, which may be discoloured, chipped or irregular. Depending on the condition, the dental surgeon may use teeth whitening protocols, composite veneers, ceramic laminates, all-ceram, metal-free zirconia, lithium disilicate crowns and even go for crown lengthening procedures to produce exceptional results in cases of gummy smiles. The dental surgeon will also take into account several parameters like shade, colour, positioning, length and shape of the individual teeth before going on to evaluate the smile line, the lip line and the amount of teeth shown during a free-flowing smile along with the colour of the gums. All these can be corrected, modified and reconstructed to give a perfect and natural smile.

Teeth whitening is in great demand these days largely due to habits like drinking caffeinated beverages and smoking. Scaling, polishing and in-office professional teeth whitening treatments are among the safest and most effective whitening procedures.

Some people have chipped, broken or discoloured teeth. The latest restorative materials in this field -- Nano composites -- may be used for this purpose. They are tooth-coloured and have the same texture as your teeth and come in a variety of shades to duplicate the colour, texture, translucency and opalescence of the adjoining teeth. They can be shaped to form the missing part of the existing teeth and solidified with the help of blue halogen light. The finished look is absolutely natural.

Ceramic veneers and other metal-free options for reconstruction have also opened new vistas in smile design. Combined with braces (or sometimes as an alternative to braces), these are widely used to close gaps or correct maligned teeth, to cover internal stains which cannot be removed using teeth whitening procedures or repair chips or cracks. Unsightly bands and braces have given way to almost invisible alternatives for the correction of mal-aligned or irregular teeth. Clearpath, Invisalign, Incognitio and other forms of lingual braces have become increasingly popular amongst adults opting for orthodontic treatment.

Spending time and money to improve your smile is thousand times better than any make-up and it can really allow your personality to shine through.