12/02/2015 3:57 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

A Hobby Run: 20 Hobby Clubs in Delhi

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By Rashi Wadhera

We're jealous if you've opened this article; it can only mean you have time to follow up on a long forgotten recreational activity. But we congratulate you, because what's life without a little passion, especially if there's an entire community joining you in your pursuit. Whether you're an avid reader, biker, cycler, climber, walker, talker, dancer, sewer or hiker, meet your kindred spirits, who'll join you ever so often in making life count.


Delhi Photography Club

So, the Delhi Photography Club will literally take care of it all; and we mean all. Novice with a DSLR? They host workshops. Lack the motivation to actually get out and shoot? Join them in one of their Heritage Photo Walks, so someone can help motivate you. Armed with a camera, and the will to travel? Join them on organised photo excursion trips. Have nowhere to exhibit your work? No problem, participate in their exhibitions. We weren't joking when we said they take care of it all. Sign up, become a member, and start shooting, here.

Delhi Book Lovers

Fairly obvious what your interests should comprise if you're looking to be a part of them, but besides a shared love for our hard bound friends, they also organise events. This includes interactive sessions with authors, book release events, workshops for aspiring writers and sporadically planned literature related getaways. Get in touch with them, and find out more here.


Delhi Cyclists Club

Attempting to make Delhi a cycle friendly city, the folks at DCC regularly organise rides, events and promotional rallies for biking enthusiasts. Presently, they have over 800 members, all making a concerted effort to making the city a place to ride without dying. I guess you can ride or die with them, since Fifty Cent has offered us the option yet. Sign up, and join them, here.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation

A more formalised, structured club, one that takes its pursuits very seriously, it is an apex national body for climbing and all related activities. It has the objective of organising, supporting and proving a base for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, rock climbers and trekkers alike. They co-ordinate climbing in the Indian Himalaya, organise national and international conferences, and training, environment cleaning camps and climbing competitions. Find out about events, and how to get started here.

Delhi Poetry Slam

More of a performance platform, which enables you to channel your hobby, if performing is it, they're even more popular thanks to a certain member's open letter to Honey Singh. That said, you don't need to take on Desi rap artists to feature, you just have to be willing. A poetry slam is essentially defined as the art of competitive performance poetry, where performers in a slam can use all the tricks of storytelling, theatre, stand-up, rap, music, comedy and good ol poetry to put a point across. They host regular open mic nights in the city; Learn more here, and stay tuned for regular events, here.


Delhi Drum Circle

A free loving, free crew, Delhi Drum Circle is more of a community gathering than a hobby club. Every week, people come together to play hand-drums in a casual, safe and relaxed environment. If you are a drummer, no matter what level of your musical genius, you're free to join them in their fortnightly gatherings. They change their venue every week, and announce at some point during the week, stay tuned, and join them here.

Delhi Heritage Photography Club

Another photography posse, they're different in their portfolio. An online photography hobby club, their premise is to promote heritage photography and educate people about its importance. Over the years, DHPC has conducted numerous photo walks and managed to spread some awareness about Delhi's extensive monument list. Learn more about them here, and stay tuned with their events calendar here.

Backpackers Club of Delhi

More of an active, informal crew of people, who all share a passion or interest for adventure, including hiking, camping, climbing, backpacking or skiing. 18 months old, it's a community for like minded people to get together, share ideas and discussions, and undertake trips together. Find them on Facebook here, or join them here.

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