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25 Things You Need To Start Doing After You Turn 25

For most of us, between the time we graduate from high school up until the time we hit 25, our lives seem to pass in a blur of exams, higher education, parties and trying to find a job that we don't absolutely hate. It's only when we hit 25 does the quarter-life crisis set in, and we start thinking: "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?" Here are some clues.

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For most of us, between the time we graduate from high school up until the time we hit 25, our lives seem to pass in a blur of exams, higher education, parties and trying to find a job that we don't absolutely hate. It's only when we hit 25 does the quarter-life crisis set in, and we start thinking: "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?"

If you feel clueless about the direction your life is taking, then perhaps it's time to slow down and start thinking about how you can improve the way you're living. Read on to know what you can do to start turning your life around!

1. Learn to live alone.

At some point of time in your life, try living alone. Between living with family, friends and getting married, you need to take that time to live by yourself. Not only will you become more self-reliant, but you'll also get to know more about yourself than you ever did before.

2. Become financially savvy.

Blowing your salary on that fabulous sale or on a single night of partying might have been fine earlier, but what happens when you're in a sticky situation and you don't have enough funds? Bottom line: it's time to start saving. And if you need some guidance to help you navigate the murky world of financial investments, why not consult a CA?

3. Cast your vote.

If you haven't already done it by now. You pay taxes, you're a citizen of this country, and you're the one getting affected each time there's a strike, or a new bill that's passed --so go out there and vote. It might not be much, but it counts.

4. Keep your car clean!

It's a little known truth: once you start taking care of your car, your parents will finally baptise you as an adult. Although, it's not just your car; all your worldly possessions -- your clothes, books, technology and your house -- need to be neat and clean too!

5. Go globetrotting.

Travel with friends, travel with family, travel alone if you don't have any company -- but travel. Going out, meeting new people, trying unusual cuisines and just being exposed to unfamiliar places and situations can give you a whole new worldview.

6. Sort out your relationships.

Perhaps you never got over the fact that your parents never supported your career choice. Or maybe you and your partner can't pass a single day without fighting. Whatever the problem is, you might want to take a step towards resolving those issues because, let's face it -- these are the most important people in your life and you don't want to spend each day being a miserable mess, do you?

7. Give yourself a makeover.

When you're depressed by those strands of grey, or feel like you've been in a rut too long, try colouring your hair a completely different shade, or just pamper yourself with that pedicure you've been meaning to get for months.

8. Drink. But be responsible.

No one's asking you to be a teetotaller but it's not a crime to stick to two drinks. Especially if you also have to drive. Take a cab, or hire a driver if you need to -- just don't drive drunk.

9. Take your parents out to dinner!

Once a week, once a month, or whenever you visit them. Spend some quality family time and show them you appreciate them.

10. Redesign your home.

If the space you're living in doesn't make you happy to head back home, then you're in big trouble. Throw out those posters from when you were 18 and infatuated by that one-hit wonder. Invest in new curtains, treat your house to a fresh coat of paint -- let your space reflect the person you've become. Clueless about where to start? Consult an interior designer!

11. Take up a hobby.

How long has that guitar been gathering dust in your cupboard? If you fall into the routine of getting up, going to work and falling asleep as soon as you're home, trust us, one day you're going to wake up to find there's nothing left in your life that truly makes you happy. So spend your free time wisely.

12. Learn to cook.

Irrespective of your age, gender, or social class, this is one of the most important life skills that you need to learn. It's not about cooking for someone else but, come on, you do need to know how to feed yourself.

13. Take your deepest, darkest fear, and face it head on.

Always been terrified of the water? Or do you always surround yourself with a crowd so you'll never be alone? Well, there's no time like a quarter life crisis to get over your phobias. Trust us, there's nothing you can't do!

14. Do something selfless.

No, we're not asking you to join an NGO. But whether it's donating blood, teaching your maid's children or volunteering with your nearest pet shelter, there's nothing like making a small, sustained effort to make a difference to someone's life.

15. Plan an exercise routine. And stick to it.

Suffering from backaches because you spend 10 hours a day hunched over your computer? There's nothing like an hour of yoga or some good, old-fashioned stretches to get your body back in shape! Get a fitness trainer today.

16. Give yourself permission to fail.

At some point in life, things may not work out the way you want and when that happens, it's important to learn to be okay with it. It's all about keeping your chin up, and moving ahead with what you've learnt.

17. Quit your job if it makes you miserable.

If you're not happy and going nowhere, quit. Now's the time to be thinking about the bigger picture. Stop chasing the money and start thinking about your career. Get that degree you've always thought about, or start the company you've always dreamed of. But do it today.

18. Throw classier parties.

Once you've sorted out your financial situation, there's really no reason to keep throwing house parties with chips and dip. Celebrate occasionally, but when you do, go all out -- hire a bartender, get a house party chef or even have a live band perform!

19. Go on a long drive, or watch a movie by yourself, sometimes.

There's nothing like enjoying your own company at times. Watch the stars late at night, or go to a restaurant and request a table for one, and let the world pass by while you sit still and take in the moment by yourself.

20. Get over the sibling rivalry.

So maybe you never got along, and you still remember that she got all the attention when she was younger. But that's no reason to continue the rivalry. Why not agree to let the past go, and treat each other like adults?

21. Watch the sun rise, occasionally.

Every once in a while, get up early enough to take in the sunrise. Not only will it help you clear your head before the chaos of the working day begins, you also get to witness the beauty of nature.

22. Learn to let go. Forgive. Forget. And move on.

Remember that ex who screwed you over and you're still bitter about? Well, as they say, it's not making a difference to anyone but you. Act your age. Yes, it wasn't the right thing for him to do, but really, there are more important things in life that need your attention. So move on.

23. Have an adventure, once a year.

You've always wanted to go scuba diving, but for some reason you've never really got around to trying it out? Well, if you don't do it in your mid-20s, when you're single, unattached, and relatively free of responsibilities, when will you do it? Try something new each year; scuba diving, bungee jumping, sky diving- the possibilities are endless!

24. Quit that bad habit.

We all have that one habit that we know we should give up, but we never do. Well, maybe this is the time. Kick the butt, start taking the stairs, manage your temper better -- if you know it's bad for you, change it before it's too late.

25. Stop procrastinating. Start living.

They got it right. Life is short. Focus on the things that are important to you, and things will work themselves out eventually. Let go of all those hang-ups from the past, and really make every little moment matter. After all, you're just beginning to live at 25.


Phew! That was a long read but, if you're still reading then we're hoping you found this useful. And, if you feel you have any more to add to the list, then let us know in the comments!

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