23/05/2015 8:29 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

My Body Is Amazing And So Is Yours

Shutterstock / Anna Omelchenko

Body loathing... this is a topic that's been on my mind a lot lately, even more so given the recent popularity of Mombod/Dadbod. Like most women, I've spent so many years focusing on parts of my body that I wish I could change. I've experimented with my diet plenty, overtrained, compromised on sleep, eaten the bare minimum number of calories and basically tested my body to its limits. Without realising it, I've put my body under a lot of stress over the years to reach a certain aesthetic. While I'm still far from perfect, recently I've been consciously trying to alter my attitude towards my body. Rather than focus on all that I want to change, I'm redirecting my energies and offering gratitude for all the amazing qualities about my body, all that it's done for me in the past and all that it's capable of doing:

  • It's been hit by car, bed-ridden with bruises yet my body still walked out without a scar.

  • I unknowingly wore a torn contact lens in my left eye for almost a week yet it fought against the risk of going blind.

  • Those stretch marks that I wish would disappear? They're a lifelong reminder of the determination that it took to lose 65 freakin' pounds.

  • Those times I wish that unbalanced hormones weren't an issue for me? If my body can overcome malaria, there's no reason why it can't regulate its own hormones... even if it might take a while.

  • The core that I wish was tighter? It must be pretty damn tight if I can run, squat, plan and spin without any issues.

  • The fact that the last time I fell sick was more than six months ago? It's only proof that my body is strong enough to detox itself & fight against illness.

Recently I've had quite a few clients join post-pregnancy because they want to return back to their pre-pregnancy weight and get rid of that "fat feeling". While I can certainly understand where they're coming from and admire their motivation, I also think it's the time for new mothers to celebrate just how amazing their bodies are. Between being able to create a whole new life inside of it and producing enough milk to nourish another human being, the female body is nothing short of spectacular.

If anything, one thing I've come to realise is that our bodies are a lot like plants -- they respond better to kindness, love and respect. Embrace it, celebrate it, nourish it, love it- after all, it's the only body you got!

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