23/09/2016 10:36 AM IST | Updated 23/09/2016 10:50 AM IST

India, Pakistan Have Entered 'Oye Tu Jaanta Nahi Main Kaun Hoon' Phase: Experts

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Pushing and shoving each other right next to the swings, long-time rivals India and Pakistan have entered the "oye tu jaanta nahi main kaun hoon" phase in the playground fight, child psychologists claimed.

Medical practitioners in New Delhi as well as Islamabad confirmed that the behaviours of both the subjects have crossed the threshold of harmless trash talk and have entered a phase where physical damages are possible.

The next stage is "bachoo ab tu dekh."

"Their parents should be worried," says Dr Radha Chaturvedi, a child specialist in New Delhi. "Bullying can be psychologically damaging for children, but a unique nervous problem is posed when both children believe that they're bullying the other."

Dr Fahad Ahmed, an Islamabad-based child psychologist also weighs in on this unique case of bullying."We have two children that are a complete mismatch in size," he says. "The bigger kid has a school reputation to worry about and an academic profile to maintain, while the smaller one is already in everyone's bad books and has nothing to lose. Neither, however, lags behind when it comes to belief in their ability to push the other out of the playground."

Experts further add that the "oye tu jaanta nahi main kaun hoon" phase, which comes after the "tu haath to laga" phase, involves shoving that "isn't intended to escalate a full-blown fight". However, the next stage is "bachoo ab tu dekh."

"That's when the proverbial gloves come off and all restraint and deterrence are thrown out of the window,' says Amit Gowarkar, another child psychologist. "Both kids realize that despite repeated complaints to teachers and the principal, none of them is interested in moderating the fight or taking disciplinary action. So it's every child for themselves."

The "bachoo ab tu dekh" phase is followed by excessive movements of limbs in an effort to hurt the other as much as possible. However, experts confirm that neither participant is still completely committed to mutual destruction, and would prefer coming out of the playground with inflated ego intact.

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