19/01/2015 8:20 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:24 AM IST

The World Order Is Changing, And How

Post the Paris siege after a bull run of two days, suddenly the world is not the same anymore.

The scourge of terrorism has finally reached at the doorstep of the Western Civilisation, yet again, post 9/11. But before critics step in and say that attacking western interests has always been fashionable, herein lies the big difference. 9/11 was the handiwork of a single and powerful organisation, lead by a powerful man, with questionable resources, with a single mind focus to attack US interests worldwide.

The waves of attacks in Paris are the handiwork of multiple groups across countries, working in tandem, the recruits--a mix of home-grown and from similar countries. The ferocity of these attacks have shaken even the most hardened person.

What has changed over these years that the situation has reached such endemic proportions?

The answer lies in the battle for cultural supremacy.

For years the West has ruled the world economically and culturally. The western culture is all pervading over most parts of the world. The so-called cultural invasion is ably facilitated by liberal marketing dollars. Europe has been the favourite continent for immigration, and not a day passes when boats, ferries, ships carrying hordes of starry-eyed immigrants, try to land on its fabled shores.

This culture invasion has not gone down well with some of the orthodox Islamic countries who possess considerable amount of financial power, courtesy the oil reserves. They are clearly playing to the gallery, and have a deep-rooted agenda to make this battle into an 'Islam verses the Western world', which, if it happens, will be a hundred-year-long-drawn affair.

It is that deadly cocktail of abundant oil money and easy recruits from the less developed countries like Yemen and Algeria that is creating havoc in most parts of the world. Most of the fighters are conditioned with a single thought that their religion is in danger and it is their holy duty to safeguard it. Even the smallest of incident is blown out of proportion and the retribution is brutal (Charlie Hebdo is a classic example). The training levels are the best in the world like any army in a country will have, except that for this army, there is no single country but crowd-sourcing from various countries. The objective is clearly to bulldoze most of the Middle East/Africa into submission, and establish a caliphate, and then gradually alter the demographics of Europe. The key countries funding these wars (the biggest being Saudi Arabia) are never out in the open, as they prefer to stay in the background and watch the annihilation.

So where do we go from here? The solution lies in educating/brainwashing those few who take to arms without really understanding the reality. The onus for this lies squarely on the majority, who need to stand up and raise their voice against this barbarity. The Imams/Muftis too need to reaffirm the tenets of this great religion, which sadly, has been manipulated for selfish gains.

In the meanwhile, for West, it means living life on the edge, constantly looking over their shoulders, tighten security, screen and weed out illegal immigrants, and try to make peace with the adversary, without compromising on the basic fundamental rights and principles, which have stood the test of time. This is very much what we Indians have been doing over the last thirty years, having qualified as veterans to this deadly curse of terrorism.