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5 Types of Party Poopers That Haunt Every Apartment Complex

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If you stay in an apartment complex, you are always surrounded by people, many of whom become your friends. Your kids always have playmates too. It is like living inside one big festival, all year long, at least in my apartment complex. When festival season really does come around, community celebrations become the focus of the residents. For anything to work, you have to have people willing to take the lead and come up with ideas and plans to execute them. They work hard to bring everything together and ensure that people have a great time. And others will also pitch in too, however they can, whatever they can.

Unfortunately, even the most cohesive of apartment complexes have curmudgeons getting in the way of all the camaraderie. Such people range from mildly annoying to downright Grinch-like. Here are some common types of party poopers that you best steer clear of.

1. The Sad-Faces

These are the ones who are always unhappy. Nothing can cheer them up, including the joy of festivities or the excited squeals of children. Whether they choose to be miserable or just don't know how to be happy is a point to debate on another post, but you can spit them easily, given that their lack of cheer follows them around like a black cloud.

2. The Complainers

These are the people who come, have fun, but still offload tons of complaints. They will be the first to sit to eat and the last to finish and yet complain about the food. The ones who spend the most time on the dance floor, but still complain about the DJ and his crappy music. These people have a one-point agenda and that is to complain to anyone who will listen.

3. The Attention-Seekers

They often overlap with the complainers and the sad-faces but they are particularly militant about making sure that their unhappiness is duly noted -- if it takes some theatrics and skirmishes to meet this end, so be it.

4. The Naysayers

They have the same one-word, one-syllable answer for anything you ask them: NO. Can we play here? NO. You cannot walk here, park here, eat here. Basically if they had their way, no one would be ever doing anything, because they couldn't. They are the ones who don't participate, because of course they are consistent about saying no, even to themselves. They are the first people to support the Problem Causers and the first people to run away when the problem is caused.

5. The Problem Causers

They are the ones who think everything is their property. So, basically you will find them banging up cars, dashing into bikes, causing flat tyres and threatening to kill people --sometimes all in one night. Everything is a problem for them and they have cops on speed dial to lodge false complaints. They have done this so many times that every police person wants to put their number on an auto-reject list.

While there are many who want to just chill and have fun, there are a few whose motto in life is, "We don't have fun and don't let others have any either."

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