23/07/2016 10:40 AM IST | Updated 29/07/2016 12:01 PM IST

Where The Holy Grail Is Pokémon And An Orange Buffoon Is King


Seems to me these days the world is in the throes of a delirium. In the same world where people are being killed in horrific terrorist attacks every other day, we have people obsessing over the Kim K vs. Taylor Swift feud on Snapchat. We literally have people dying while trying to catch virtual Pokémon superimposed on the real world. While civilians and children die from drone strikes in Syria. Meanwhile a dangerous, divisive, deranged man has a very real chance of becoming the President of the USA. Someone who doesn't mind stereotyping a huge chunk of the Earth's population, labelling roughly 1.6 billion people as potential terrorist threats. A man who clearly has no moral code of ethics, a carnival barker who would carpet bomb the rest of the world if someone offered him enough money. A man so vain that he has his doctor declare him to be in "astonishingly excellent" health. An orange buffoon who sits on a golden throne with his initials on it. His behaviour is oddly reminiscent of the baboon from I am Weasel. A man like that in the White House? America, have you lost it?

His hateful rhetoric and misogyny is only paralleled by the foolishness of the deranged minds that support him.

However, it does make sense from the perspective of BrainDead individuals with a dangerously myopic understanding of the world – an understanding which probably doesn't stretch beyond their backyards. Trump promises to put America before the rest of the world, so Americans can have a better life. Sounds like a simple enough solution, a tempting proposition. Why shouldn't Americans have nice things? Their country is apparently trillions of dollars in debt, trying to "fix" and "liberate" the rest of the world.

Someone needs to create more hate and fan the flames of xenophobia so more wars can be funded and justified. And who better to do it than Donald J. Trump?