29/08/2016 7:08 PM IST | Updated 29/08/2016 8:56 PM IST

This Tiny Portable Air Conditioner Makes Going Outside A Breeze

Brr, it's cold out here. ❄️

We like to think we can handle being outdoors, even if it means leaving our comfy temperature controls inside. 

But hey, if life is offering outdoor A/C, then we’ll gladly take it. 

The Zero Breeze is a cordless personal air conditioner that makes staying cool a literal breeze. Currently in its funding stage on Kickstarter, the Zero Breeze pumps out a cold stream of air without using cords or plugs, thanks to a rechargeable battery pack. Its creators say it can cool a large room down to 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also comes with a Bluetooth speaker, night light capabilities and cellphone charging ports.

Because who wouldn’t want cordless air conditioning at the beach?

FacebookZero Breeze

Other smaller, box-shaped gadgets on the market also promise portable air cooling, but Zero Breeze claims its rotary compression technology packs a bigger punch. But all that power comes at a price: You can pre-order now on Kickstarter for a discounted $349, or wait until the product launches in 2017 and buy it for the full retail price of $499.

Or you can cool down the cheap way, taking your chances with a natural breeze. 

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